Dec 31, 2017

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About Eilhsa Boutique

Ashlie, the owner of Eilhsa, has been a hospitality college major for awhile now and has worked within the event industry for over 5 years. On summer break from college in 2011, after discovering Etsy, an online handmade selling site, she decided she could put her sewing machine to good use and instead of wasting the days away in boredom, she started designing her own wedding accessories for others. Since then, she has been on the lookout for ideas and inspiration for her original handmade, uniquely creative, and one of a kind pieces; which are as far from mass produced as you can imagine!

About Event Planning

Weddings and events are Ashlie's passion. She has been an event manager for over 5 years at different venues and has studied Hospitality at Georgia State Univeristy. Since she started making her own wedding accessories for others, her confidence has carried her into venturing out on her own to plan special events. She truly enjoys the many aspects of the industry; from all the details of an event; from the invitations, to the neat little favors, to the endless array of table designs, the happy guests, and of course the fashion; it all makes her thrilled to be apart of turning someone's dream into reality.

The best thing she loves most about working in the event industry, is the lasting impression she hears from guests. "When I can be a part of making guests' dreams become reality and making memories that will last a lifetime, every drop of sweat, sore feet, and long nights become so worth it! I believe the saying holds true: If you find something you love to do, you'll never work a day in your life!"