Mar 17, 2013

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Pat and I met on a blind date set up by a mutual friend.  We started texting and set up a date by the end of the day for our first free night.  I couldn't wait to meet him.  From what I was hearing, he was a real catch and just an all around great guy.  We went out on our first date and I couldn't wait for the next!  We spent all weekend texting each other, just talking about anything and everything.  Every free night we had we saw each other and quickly introduced each other to our children.  Pat did lots of little romantic things for me, like making dinner and on my plate was a gift on my plate or sending flowers to me at work.  Before long, we both knew we wanted to be together.  Things moved really quick and we moved in together and started talking about getting a bigger place for our now 5 member family.  We moved into a home we planned to buy and soon found out we were pregnant.  Olivia joined us in September 2010 and on Christmas Eve, Pat proposed to me in front of our Christmas tree.  It was very romantic, simple and just absolutely perfect!  We started talking about our wedding date and decided the perfect date would be St. Patrick's Day in 2013!  We have the perfect place all picked out for our family and friends to join us on our wedding day.  I am so excited to have some great friends to help me plan and prepare for our big day.  I can not wait to share my wedding planning as well as our big day right here with all of you on this page!  See you on St. Patty's Day!!