May 04, 2012

Enjoying married to the fullest!!! Looking forward to a bright future!
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We were planning on having a large, elegant dinner party but quickly changed our mind when we discovered we were expecting. So, we decided to wait on the big bash and just have fun. We chose to have a sports themed party!!! I, of course, DIYed everything. We told everyone to dress in sports apparel and come ready to party! And boy did we ever!!! I bought DH a really nice pocketwatch, he was so surprised. We had sports trivia, vodka  and beer (none for me), sports themed favors, and plenty of food and dancing. It was awesome!




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I am soooo proud of myself for doing so many DIYs. I have always felt like I was creative and decided to test  my creativity when it came to planning our big day. I didn't come up with any of these ideas on my own. Just searched the web, saw stuff I liked and said' "HEY, I could do that!" and boy, did I ever......

Showing off my DIYs photo 1 Showing off my DIYs photo 2

^My bouquet flowers were given to me by my cousin who was married a few months before us. I cut them from the stem, literally stuffed them into a plastic cylinder base, wrapped the base with ribbon, tied it at the top and secured it with hot glue. I added butterflies a few days before the wedding to match with other items, programs, cake, etc.

Showing off my DIYs photo 3

Our invitations, simple, but we loved them. These actually only took about 15 minutes at Walmart's photo center. A five dollar box of white envelopes and a 2 three dollar packs of gold seals also from Walmart and TADA! We were done.

Showing off my DIYs photo 4 These are our fans. They were a favorite with our wedding guests. Everybody wanted one as a keepsake. I bought everything I needed from Micheal's. A package of cream card stock $3.00, Glitter heart foam stickers $3.00, brown ribbon .50 cents apiece for 2 rolls, craft sticks $2.00. I added photos (also from Walmart) and everyone was in love.

Showing off my DIYs photo 5We also had a flip flop basket. It was great and once it was introduced to our guests, they were all gone within minutes. I just wrapped these with brown yarn from Michael's, $6, and approx. 40 pair of flip flops in all colors from the Dollar Tree.

 Showing off my DIYs photo 6 

These are my center pieces. White vases from the Dollar Tree, $1 apiece for eight, red silk roses $8, paper butterflies in all colors from Michael's, 2 five packs for $1 apiece. They looked so plain so I added the plates, river rocks that I spray painted gold, and moss. (All from the Dollar Tree) I cut all of the roses from the stems and put them in the vases, hot glued the butterflies, placed them on the plate, added the rocks and moss on the day of and these are my beautiful centerpieces.

Showing off my DIYs photo 8

This is my FG basket and BMS flowers. I loved them because they were made from the same flowers as my bouquet. I just used one of my flowers, added some small red ones and tied them with a gold ribbon. The FG basket was $1 at the Goodwill store. I just added some red and gold ribbon and that was it for that. Its simple and cute.

Showing off my DIYs photo 10

These are my programs. They took me all of 2 hours to think up, print out, and assemble. Of course I added the butterfly here again to tie together the details. I just basically listed the wedding party, time, date, place, etc. I added a little saying from me and a special thanks. The red cardstock was $3 from Michael's. I used the brown ribbon from the fans, a hole puncher, and applied the plain (printer) white paper with a glue stick and we have our programs! I think they're super cute.

I also DIYed my food and minor alterations on my dress. I was trying to save EVERY dime I could, lol.

DIY brides, you can do it. The only thing that can stop you is YOU! Even if you're not creative in the least, enlist help from others or check out the internet. There are tutorials on virtually EVERYTHING!!! Good luck.....

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I had completely forgotten until today. As you may know I paid only 15 bucks for my wedding dress. Little did I know that it had a HUGE hole in the back like right on my crack, lol.  I did not notice this until the MORNING OF MY WEDDING, lucky for me, I know.

 So on the day that I had soooo many other things to do, I also had to play seamtress and sew my own freaking dress, talk about stress! And on top of that, I had to use WHITE thread, MY DRESS IS BROWN!!! LOL, sorry for yelling, but dude, I almost lost it. Luckily, I'm pretty good with a needle and thread so no one saw or noticed a thing. Potential disaster, averted.    :^))))

Did I Mention the HOLE in my DRESS photo 1 


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I have decided to wear my mom's wedding dress for our vow renewal. I will not be telling her so this will be a huge surprise. I have already tried it on and it fits almost perfectly. I can't wait to see hers and hubby's faces when I  come out looking beautiful in this stunning dress!

Wearing my mom s wedding dress photo 1 

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Our wedding day was one of the greatest days in my life. I t did not go as planned in the beginning but it was worth all of the stress because I was totally in heaven by the time we got started. Ok, first of all, I had a hangover, lol, it was horrible! When I finally got up, I called my groom and he did not know where our CAR was. I'm like, seriously! He had gotten drunk the night before and didn't remember that his cousin had driven him home. Then, he could not find a simple, white  button down shirt, which really upset me because I had been telling him to buy his shirt for months. Nevertheless, he found a shirt after 3 hours of searching. Next, the decorating took longer than I predicted and I didn't even start getting dressed until 4:45 and the wedding was to begin at 5!

        So I got ready for my wedding in record time and arrived back at the venue at 5:30. It was okay for me to be late, but it was totally not okay for the best man to get there 15 minutes after me. It was 92 degrees out and we were super late, not good. But once we were able to begin, EVERYTHING WENT PERFECTLY! I could not have been happier about the way things turned out. Plus, none of our guests complained about having to wait. God bless them. I had so much fun that I completely forgot about my reception dress that I was so proud of, lol! My bridesmaids and I did a special dance for my hubby and he loved it. The bouquet and garter tosses were super fun. I never wanted it to end. I know that for as long as I live, I will never forget not one single detail of this day. I'm soooooo happy!




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  Hi ladies, I got married on 5/4/12. We had a beautiful wedding and everyone in attendance told me how much they loved the decor and how much fun our wedding was. The first thing that I think any newly engaged couple should do is SET A BUDGET. You don't just want to start buying stuff all willy nilly and then complain later about the prices of everything. I set our budget at $1500 and promised myself that I would stick to it.

         The first thing on my list was a dress, I set myself a $200 limit for this. It might sound silly to some of you, but it is VERY possible. In my quest for the dress, I literally saw hundreds of dresses for under $200. In my case, I did not want white or anything in that family so I began to search bridesmaids and prom dresses. Even if you do want white, bridesmaids and prom dress stores carry a large number of dresses in white. Most people won't do this, but I hit the jackpot at a local Salvation army store and found my dress for 15 bucks! Can you imagine how happy I was?

        The next thing was the venue. We agreed that we wanted outdoor. I had remembered that his family had held their family reunion at a local golf course/park. The price was only $125, that is $50 for the pavilion rental and a $75 deposit that will be returned after the event. The park is beautiful and very well kept. Then my invites, I did fifty of them at Walmart for 29 cents apiece and bought a box of fifty invitation envelopes for $5.

     This is a rundown of the prices of everything else, this way, you can see where our money went. 8 table cloths $1.29 apiece, 8 table runners $1.99 apiece, 8 vases $1 apiece, 8 plates $1 apiece, 8 bunches of silk roses $1 apiece, 8 paper butterflies $2 total, 5 spools of brown ribbon $1 apiece, red and cream cardstock $3.50 apiece, stickers for fans $3, glue gun and sticks $5 total, food and drinks for 50 people $100, 2 disposeable cameras $10.00, tissue paper for pompoms 5 for $1 apiece, brown yarn $3, my sash(actually a shawl) $3.99, my necklace $10, earrings $1, my slippers $4, flip flops for our favors $1 apiece, cups and plates $12 total, utensils $2 total, his pants $50, his tie/shirt $20, his shoes $50, my tiara $15, my son's shirts $5 apiece, marriage license $27.50.      

  Then there are the family members and friends that helped us, my silk flowers for my bouquet were given to me by my cousin who got married before me. My mom bought my garter. Our officiant was free (father in law). My MIL brought a dish. My best friend purchased 2 large sandwich trays and a meat and cheese tray. My cousin who is a DJ provided his services as a gift. My SIL made our cakes as a gift. We had plenty of photos taken by our guests and sent to us.

The food: I spent only $100 on food. I bought 2 big bags of large shrimp, a large package of Lil Smokie's cocktail sausages, lots of veggies for a veggie tray+ranch dip and lots of fruit for a fruit tray, both of which I cut and arranged myself. Cookies and a variety of candy (we had a small red candy buffet).

          I DIYed mostly every aspect of the wedding. I used the card stock to make fans to help guests to cope with the heat. I used the tissue paper to make pompom balls to hang from the ceiling using the brown yarn. I hot glued the butterflies to my roses as part of my centerpieces. I prepared my own food which was super simple. I also made my own bouquet plus the handpieces that my bridesmaids carried. I used a staple gun to hang curtains in the pavilion. They were so pretty!

       All in all, I saved about $900. The wedding was awesome and beautiful and we all had so much fun. The guests loved the flip flop basket, they kicked off their shoes and relaxed and enjoyed the day. I just wanted to write this article to encourage couples with a super small budget. Your wedding can be beautiful and all of your guests will love it!