Apr 05, 2013

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Hi! I am Jessica! I will be getting married this April to my best friend, Kyle. We met April of 2011 in the cliche' way. I worked at Auntie Anne's which was in a Wal-Mart and he worked at the mechanic section of Wal-Mart as a Technician. One day he decided he wanted some pretzel's, the same morening I decided I was done with men for a while. Of course! So this boy comes up with a goofy smile ordering pretzels and apparently thought I was cute so as he walked away he looked back... and of course I was still looking too! Maybe an hour later I sent my coworker back with my number and we started talking. That was April Fool's day... I was concerned he would think the number was an April Fool's joke... good thing he never realized what day it was!! :) April 5 we started dating. This past april he proposed (that's another story for another time) and of course I said YES!! Now we are planning our wedding for our second anniversary, April 5, 2013!! :)