Oct 03, 2009

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So I finished the design of our save the dates and we are both really happy with them.

This is the front of the postcard...

Save the Dates photo 1


This is the back :)

Save the Dates photo 2

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A combination of Red, Black and White :)


My Inspiration Board photo 1

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So I went home the weekend of March 20 - 22 to attend my cousin's wedding and plan my own. Since I don't live in El Paso I have few precious moments to meet with everyone to get things planned and on the same page. So needless to say I went home and met with my flower vendor and he gave me some rockin centerpieces. My colors are black, white, silver and red. He has 4 different vases that he's doing; two of them he bought just for me and another he's getting specially made...yeah!


Vase #1: Antique Silver vase that is about 30" tall

Round 1 Flower Arrangement Mock Ups photo 1

we're doing black tableclothes with the damask runner that I still have to get made.

Centerpiece vase #2: Beveled Mirror vase 38" tall; this one will have white flowers (hydrangea, orchids, calla lilies & roses)

Round 1 Flower Arrangement Mock Ups photo 2

Vase #3 is a 8" and 10" version of vase #2 and they will have white and red pomanders on them :)

Vase #4: a 6" beveled glass box that he's getting custom made for my wedding. This one will have roses & tulips :)

Round 1 Flower Arrangement Mock Ups photo 3


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We're on the calendar in pencil at St Luke's in El Paso for October 3, 2009. We just turned in all of the baptism certificates, confirmation certificates, birth certificates and much more. All we have to do now is take the marriage encounter classes.

Planning "My Big Fat Mexican Wedding" requires a venue that can really hold a ton of people. We are planning to invite 300 guests and let me tell will be a challenge limiting it to 300. We're getting married early in the day (1pm) b/c the diocese doesn't do a wedding mass on the sabbath which starts right after the saturday evening mass. SO...this means that we'll have enough time to do a cocktail hour before the actual reception. Thankfully I found a place that can give me the venue the entire day! So I can have the setup happen as early as the morning while I'm at the church :)

So here's the outdoor patio that's really long and where we'll have the cocktail hour.

     The Reception Church Venue photo 1  The Reception Church Venue photo 2

Here's the inside of the hall. It can fit 600 people on round tables; we're actually having 300 people on long rows of square tables.

The Reception Church Venue photo 3


The Reception Church Venue photo 4

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It was 1997 and I was a junior in HS at Coronado High School in El Paso, TX and i was working at a restaurant called "Village Inn" very similar to Denny's. It just so happened that there were two Carlos' working at the restaurant Carlos Ponce and Carlos Ponte. I actually didn't have my eye on either one, so most of my time working there was spent...working :) Carlos Ponce (my now fiance) was the "stud" and was definitely in the popular crowd in High School. So needless to say we only had a friendly "hello" working relationship.

Fast forward through college, me in San Antonio and Carlos in Dallas, and it takes us to December 2003, the winter after my graduation. I was back in El Paso hanging out at a bar with my girl friends and saw Carlos and his guy friends. I went over and said hello and asked how he was doing and what he was up to. He mentioned he was finishing up school and sometimes played with his band in San Antonio and I should see them play. Later (many years later) I found out that night he didn't know my name but knew me as the girl from Village Inn with pig tails!

We exchanged numbers to keep in touch as friends since we lived in different cities and had different lives. During the 1 yr we were friends and I lived in SA and he lived in DFW, we visited each other a few times and had tons of fun. We would hang out on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, laugh at childhood stories, build parade floats for St Patty's in Dallas, and drink with the Irishmen.

The moment that I knew that he was something special was when my mom and I bumped into him at the airport in El Paso. He was on his way back to Dallas and I was heading back to San Antonio. I introduced Carlos to my mom and she mentioned: OH, this is CARLOS. Then as mom's do, she gave me the little wink saying that she really liked him for me.

As time progressed, I found that I couldn't stand being apart from him and I knew that one day our friendship would evolve, so I took a leap of faith and moved to Dallas. Soon after my arrival our friendship blossomed into what is now our relationship.

I think the best part of our relationship is that we really started as best friends and as individuals then came together as a couple. Now more than ever after almost 5 years of being together I see how much I've changed and how much he's changed. We've really made each other better people.How True Opposites Met photo 1How True Opposites Met photo 2How True Opposites Met photo 3How True Opposites Met photo 4How True Opposites Met photo 5How True Opposites Met photo 6How True Opposites Met photo 7How True Opposites Met photo 8