Oct 13, 2012

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A little about Me! 

Hello! I am new to PW and I love it here! I have been taking my time setting this all up, and keep adding more as I go along everyday. We are getting married on October 13th 2012 and the time is coming up fast! I am a Mom of two grown children and a grandmother of three wonderful kids. All of them are involved in the wedding. John and I met in Oct 18th, 2010 thru my sister and it has been happily ever after since we met! He is a wonderful man and I can't wait to be his wife! 



A little about EVERYTHING photo 1Since I have no idea what to put here, I am going to post things here about how we saved for our wedding. 

We chose a fall themed wedding. We loved that time of the year, and since it was when we met, it worked for us. Since we didnt have much money to spend on this wedding and we are doing it all ourselves, we had to go with things we could afford. First, a year in advance we rented our venue. We went to a local state park and found the perfect site. This "shelter house" could be either opened to look like a shelter house or could be enclosed with the huge side doors to close it all up. It holds 390 people. There are beautiful fireplaces at each end. The colomns are stone. A perfect setting for a fall themed rustic wedding. Plus, it is full of nice 8ft long picnic tables, which we decided to use instead of moving outside ( really heavy and would require alot of manpower and a fear of pulled muscles) So we didn't have to rent quite so many tables.  We also were able to obtain a beer and wine permit for there. Plus, out to the back of the hall on the beautiful park grounds we found the perfect spot to hold our wedding. So, we only have to rent a few tables for our wedding, and chairs that will be used outside plus brought inside during cocktail hour to put at the end of the picnic tables to seat those who do not want to sit at the picnic tables. Hall rental $250.00, beer and wine permit $40.00, table and chair rental $150 approx. we will have a def answer when we get closer to wedding and get the rsvps all in. 

We have been very very fortunate in having friends donate time and give their gifts of things we need for our wedding. A couple that is in our wedding paid for our catering as their gift. They have a relative in the business, and so with a special price for them, they gave us a wonderful wonderful gift. We helped keep the cost lower by buying the place settings ourselves. We are also using plastic table covers for the wedding... less mess and def lower costs. When you look at paying $1.00 for a tablecloth compared to renting for approx. $8.00! We are also just using heavy weight cardboard place settings and plastic cutlery, and of course... solo cups and styrofoam. We purchased cocktail napkins and dinner napkins at the end of fall this last year when we found them on sale at a local big box discount store for about .40 a pack of 50 or so. Beautiful fall themed!  For less than $100.00, we will have our tables covered, table skirts where needed, and all place settings. 

We had talked to one couple that we go to do Karaoke with about doing that for our wedding instead of a band or a DJ... but due to scheduling conflicts, they were  not able to do it; however when they told us they were not able to do it, they said they would like to help out in another way. So, our gift from them, they are having our cake done for us. We told them what we wanted, and they said ok. So, that saved a lot again for our budget. In further talking with them, I found that she is also doing the HUGE job of all of my flowers for the wedding. I was a little leary at first. I had certin things I had in mind for flowers and bokays and such. However, after seeing some of the work she did... WOW... I have total faith in this friend!! What is does is amazing! The centerpieces are going to be beautiful! Even though a cost for this has never been mentioned about this, she can be sure to greatly rewarded by us. So!cake and flowers.... PRICELESS!!

We checked on the price of Officiants, well that blew us away! So I checked to see what it took to become one. About $65.00, and you can be licensed in Ohio to do this. So, my 24 year old son will be preforming the ceramony. We found the ceramony online and added what we wanted here and there and bingo... that is taken care of. 

Another friend of ours who is a former DJ and his friend who does Karaoke, they have given us the gift of what they do. We are excited to have both of them onboard for the wedding! What another great gift. 

For music for the wedding, we will use speakers from the DJ equipment, and we also have another friend who is working on his music career that will be singing the song we are coming down the isle to, and possibly another during the ceremony. Great young man, I wish him lots of luck. 

We had looked into having a photo booth. WOW, we could never afford the $700.00 to $1000.00 price tag for that. So, with my former business being a balloon artist, we are using the framing I have to build our own booth and putting props in and putting a digital camera on a tripod,and asked a dear friend to take pics during cocktail hour for people, then we will be emailing them to them after the wedding. This is a great way to save costs, and we are using those pics to put into the unique guest/scrap book we are putting together. What great memorys!! 

For decorations, we have borrowed White christmas lights from several friends to hang in the rafters of the hall for mood lighting. I am makking tissue paper balls that will be hanging from the rafters over the dance floor area. Then with the flower centerpieces on the tables, we are still working on votive ideas for the table... but I plan on using pumpkin scented candles everywhere!!!  

Four outdoor decorations, we are delighted with the time of year, there will be a lot of natural decorations that will fit right into our theme. We are raking leaves to the side of the isle for the look. Using shepards hooks with Tissue papers balls and ribbons on every other isle for a nice look down the isle. We will have a decorated arch at the end for the officiant to stand under for another look. We will only have to purchase the shepards hooks and make the tissue paper balls which is a minimal cost. 

We are getting a beer keg from our local distributer, and making wine punch... maybe a sangria for our drinks besides soda, water and coffee. With my son also tending the bar. What a great kid! 

My wedding dress, I went to a secondhad dress shop that specializes in bridal and prom gowns. I purchased a $1200.00 dress for just $340.00! What a beauty it is. They also have contact with a seamstress who I will use to do a few alterations for the dress. I was able to put this dress in layaway and pay on it as I could. I didn't want to have to worry about heals for the wedding since it is an outdoor wedding. So, under my dress, on my feet will be black sequined converse type shoes!! YEP! and with my full skirt, no one will see them!! What great comfort I will have to my feet!!

Our girls, we are still looking for dresses, but I want them to have the kind of dress that they can wear again. With the cost of purchasing dresses, why not get something you can use again instead of something that just hangs in the closet and you never wear again! 

Our guys, and my guy, will be renting their attire, but not a full tux. Who wants to be that stuffy? Pants, shirts, ties, vest, shoes if needed... and they will be looking great! 

My grandkids will be the ring bearers, and flower girl. We will be going to another big box retail discount store and purchasing their attire. Great photo opps for me to have them babies looking snazy! 

So, so far, we have kept everything to a minimal. We think we are going to have a great wedding! We are hoping we hear people say.." What a nice wedding... but that reception was GREAT!!" We are people who like to have fun. We are very laid back and just enjoy life. To us, some people spend way to much on weddings. We have enjoyed the many gifts that we have recieved from our friends so far, and we welcome any more that friends and family may offer. We have lived together for over a year now and we combined two households when we moved in, so we have everything we already need. So, the gifts of making our wedding great, really work for us. I hope you have enjoyed reading this and hope that for some it may help or give some ideas. I am always here for suggestions or for helping you find what your looking for... just message me!!! 


 *Update* We have found the girls dresses... and they may not be something they can wear again, but they are beautiful and can always be resold. I found them on a resale list for 140.00. They are paying 150.00 for them. So, I didn't think that was too bad. However, due to some crazy reasons, we did change the color of the girls dresses and the guys vests and ties from plum to apple red. The guys are now wearing black shirts. They look amazing!!