Feb 18, 2012

Angel Bridal
( 0.0 / 5.0 )
Only go here with thick skin. These people are rude and insulting. They act sweet until they've made the sale, once they have your money they turn on you. They insulted practically ever member of my bridal party. They called one fat& told another she had no behind- both in regard to trying to cover up their own mistakes. (ordering wrong size & not hemming the dress)
I went for my 2nd fitting- after a number of alterations were done & the sales woman didn't want me to try on the dress- when I insisted she then tried to have me try it on without my slip. Then as I got changed into it, she basically just watched instead of helping with it at all. She refused to go downstairs to get my veil snd let me try it on all together out of sheer laziness.
Everyone insisted I hire their "dresser" for the day of- to come to the house & get me dressed because my dress has a corset tie up back that needs to be tied and the ties show so they have to lie flat- it actually sounded like a great idea & would have been if she hadn't created more problems than she fixed. The dresser, by the way, is the owners daughter. She brings her steamer to get out any wrinkles that may have occurred bringing the dress home- as it was plugged it the absent minded dresser held it practically in my face resulting in the curls in my hair to fall. She then snapped at me for "letting the hair girl leave" before I was ready to leave for the church. What would she have said if I had gone to a salon to have my hair done? Basically, these women are a bunch of unprofessional, pushy, rude saleswomen. They do have beautiful dresses in the store, but if you can find your dress elsewhere- I highly advise you to go anywhere else. There was a problem every step of the way.
Services used: Dress & Attire

( 4.8 / 5.0 )
Vinnie is the best. That's all that needs to be said. He is affordable and does everything all the other dj companies do and more. I was literally quoted a price four times what he charged from platinum entertainment and in that package was less than what Vinnie put together for me. He was at the church videoing so that at the reception the guests unable to attend the church saw a recap of the ceremony. He had everyone up and dancing. He set the upbeat happy tone for the night. I highly recommend NV.
Services used: DJ