Feb 01, 2012

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Excellent service and less than half the price of Bond Street. (I needed to replace a 0.4ct D IF diamond earring and was quoted around £4k by De Beers, Tiffany and Asprey. I paid £1,825 with shipping, tax etc).

The staff were incredibly helpful. When I suggested buying one for more than the one I eventually got, Maggie (the lady on the phone) suggested that I should go for a different one as the small amount of fluorescence would ruin it - something I wasn't aware of.)

Likewise, she made sure I got Excellent for cut, polish and symmetry when I suggested a bigger and more expensive stone which wasn't as good.

I'm so chuffed with the final product.

She also suggested a three prong as opposed to four prong holder - highly recommended; much, much better - and a screw backing.

She told me to check with import taxes before I placed the order as some French guy wasn't aware you had to pay VAT on imports from outside the E.U. She held the stone for me while I checked this out the next day.

(For the record, import to the UK was 23% - 2.5% import duty and 20% VAT).

So brilliant service - at least as good as De Beers and a damn site better than Tiffany. And less than half the price.

I thoroughly recommend this lot. Only found them when googling for our best mate who wanted an engagement ring that day. So my best mate's forthcoming marriage has saved me over two grand.

Cheers, DeBebians. Silly name, excellent service.

Will always check this lot first from now on for this sort of thing.

We're so, so happy.
Services used: Jewelry