May 18, 2013

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We decided that we were going to collect as many ideas and inspirations for this wedding (thank goodness there's pinterest) and from there, decide what we wanted. Because let's be real here. We can't afford everything and we can't have 10 different centerpieces as much as I would like to. So it begins.


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In the midst of selling our condo, buying a new house, and traveling back and forth from SoCal to New York; we have to plan a wedding. The very first wedding for both of our families. I'm the oldest in mine and he's the only child in his. And because I'm a fashion director I also have some expectations that people will be looking for.

Here's what I have to say. I don't care! It's our wedding day and it better be our only one until we have a vow renewal in 30 years from now. So if I want a pink wedding dress, I'm getting a pink wedding dress. Especially because we are paying for everything. If anyone have complaints then can say it all they want. Doesn't matter because I have an amazing talent which tunes people out. 

Ahem, I'm going to end that little rant right there. 

Our theme is whatever pisses everyone off the most.

Just kidding! 

But no really we don't have a theme. 

 so funny!

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How the man I hated is now my fiance

I met Phong at Standford University as a freshman and we were in the same political science class. I honestly wanted to throttle him. We were like oil and water. We just didn't mix. At every debate he had to argue with me and it got so heated that we were standing on top of the chairs at one point. He was just so damn arrogant! Well I was living in the dorms at the time and my roommate was friends with him and his group. He kept coming over and eventually I started warming up to him. After I graduated I went back home to California and we kept in contact through phone calls and text messages. Two years later he came to California to ask me out and we've been together ever since. 


I adore you...

The night I will never forget 

Phong took me out to dinner at our favorite restaurant on Valentines day. After finishing off some delicious fudge brownies, he took me over to the small dance floor. Our song came on and I found it embarrassing beyond belief that we were the only ones slow dancing but he wouldn't let me go. At the end of the song he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him which of course I screamed yes. Both of our families came out of nowhere and surround us. I couldn't believe he set everything up. It still feel like it was a crazy dream.