Oct 06, 2012

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Ok so I am good and grown..... Like 43 years old and until last year had decided that I would spend the rest of my days as a single person. Not resentful about anything.  Not as a shield away from anything, but just content that single was the way to be.  Then one day, the day after Valentines Day in 2011, I checked my mail and found a card from a long lost, but long time friend.  It said "Happy Valentines Day, Hugs and Kisses.... Stephen".  In the corner on the other side it said "Please call or text me. I have lost your number."

Stephen is a boyfriend from my senior year of college.  We dated for somewhere between 3-5 months right before I graduated.  He was still in school (yes a younger man) and I was headed off to full time employment so we went our separate ways.  A few years later, I changed jobs and moved to another town. He married and later divorced (this I heard through a mutual friend)  Then one day, at WENDYS, he and I saw each other and exchanged numbers.  I didn't think anything of it.  That started the duration of a long friendship where we checked on each other, advised each other, shared experiences with each other on about a quarterly to bi-annual basis.  Never anything other than phone calls and one of us was ALWAYS dating someone else when we checked on each other.  And what is funny about this is we BOTH always told whoever we were dating about our friendship......

Fast forward about 8 years beyond that to the Valentines Day card.  As we conversed and caught up on everything that had happened in our lives, we found that we BOTH had ended long term relationships about 6 months prior........ Now fast forward 15 months....... Our wedding date is 10/06/2012.  How's that for a happy ending????