Sep 08, 2011

Ultimate Dynasty Entertainment.
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Unfortunately I have a terrible experience with Ultimate Dynasty Ent. for they're DJ services. My wedding was on Sept. 8, 2011. My DJ was Reggie G. At first, I was thrilled to find Ultimate Dynasty Ent. because the value seem incredible and Reggie seemed very responsive to my request before the wedding day. The music was the most important aspect of the wedding reception to me because I am a huge music enthusiast. So of course, I researched Ultimate Dynasty Ent. and read a good amount of positive reviews. After meeting with Reggie at Starbucks I felt positive about our choice and booked them for our reception. Following our email correspondence I sent him a detailed outline of songs that must be played during specific events, along with many other song choices for the following space of time. I even sent him actually mp3s of songs that were important to insure he had the correct version.
On the day of I started getting a bit worried since he called me that morning asking for directions to the venue, even though he had the address on the contract. To make matters worse our reception was on the day all of southern CA had a power outage. Thankfully the venue had generators to produce power, but Reggie failed to download the files of music I sent him prior to arriving at the venue. He tried opening the files on his phone to no prevail then he blamed the email saying, "the email state it was a corrupt file." But he failed to realize the email could not be opened on his phone due to the size of the data. He then had the outline and list of other music that needed to be played, but had no way of finding the songs on his computer. Then when he did find the correct songs by chance he played them at the wrong times during the reception events, even though he had the list in front of him along with the second copy I gave him. To make matters even worse, Reggie became flustered and kept coming to me, the bride, every time he got stuck not doing his job instead of connecting to the wedding coordinator to solve the problems. It was hard to get people on the dance floor with the music he was playing and when people did get on the dance floor it was because my brother and best friend were helping him find the correct music to play. And these are only some of the problems I am stating.
The last straw was at the very end of the night. It was very important for him to play the last song of the night for my husband and I, but since the night was wrapping up and people were leaving, he could not find the last song and while I was busy saying goodbye to some of the guest he packed up and left the wedding without any notice. So to say the least, it was a nightmare to have him DJ my wedding. Hiring Reggie as the DJ of our wedding was the worst decision I made for that special day and I would not recommend him to anyone for any event. Instead I would warn people to go with a more prepared and experienced DJ for such an important day!
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Ultimate Dynasty Entertainment.
Desiree, I'm so sorry that nothing went the right way for your wedding. The power outage made everything go wrong. Lower Southern California didn't have any power for the duration of your wedding. I can't even begin to imagine how you were feeling on your special day.
Your coordinator was no where to be found to keep things going to schedule because the restaurant didn't have anything ready for the same issues with the electricity.
I tried my very best. I tried to keep everything going with no microphone but the moment I plugged into restaurants sound system it corrupted everything in my own system because it was it gas generator to power up industrial size freezers! I was able to play 70% of the music you requested by downloading in it and paying for it via ITunes, I never used the files your sent me through Email, my DJ software is not compatible with it. .
I did not leave early, the only people left was the staff in the restaurant and before leaving I made sure there was no one left but staff cleaning up that by the time I was done packing my, the restaurant staff were almost done wrapping up themselves.

With my many years of being a DJ for weddings, I have not encounter a wedding with all the problems you had. I am very sorry for your unhappy situation. I will keep this post up and won't delete.

Reggie G.