Feb 21, 2009

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Professional Pics photo 1

Professional Pics photo 2

Professional Pics photo 3

Professional Pics photo 4

Professional Pics photo 5

Professional Pics photo 6

Professional Pics photo 7

Professional Pics photo 8

Professional Pics photo 9

Professional Pics photo 10

Professional Pics photo 11

Professional Pics photo 12

Professional Pics photo 13

Professional Pics photo 14

Professional Pics photo 15Professional Pics photo 16

Professional Pics photo 17

Professional Pics photo 18

Professional Pics photo 19

Professional Pics photo 20

Professional Pics photo 21

Professional Pics photo 22


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These aren't the professional pictures but I love them just as much!

Finally Mr Mrs photo 1

Finally Mr Mrs photo 2

Finally Mr Mrs photo 3

Finally Mr Mrs photo 4


Finally Mr Mrs photo 5

Finally Mr Mrs photo 6

Finally Mr Mrs photo 7

Finally Mr Mrs photo 8


More pictures to come! Stay tuned!


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Cardbox -

DIY s galore photo 1DIY s galore photo 2

Programs -

DIY s galore photo 3DIY s galore photo 4

DIY s galore photo 5

Revised I DO Letters for the cake table -


DIY s galore photo 6


DIY s galore photo 7

Candy containers -

DIY s galore photo 8 (please ignore the messy house!) I still have to add ribbons to these.

Candy buffet sign -

DIY s galore photo 9 We'll have the candy buffet spread out over two credenzas so I made two of these signs.

Chair signs -

DIY s galore photo 10

DIY s galore photo 11

Bridal party t-shirts for our spa day/bachelorette party!

DIY s galore photo 12

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I am known for stealing coasters from restaurants. I have quite the collection of coasters from Chili's especially. So I thought it would be cute to have coasters as our favors. Here is how they were shipped to us...

Favors photo 1

And here is what we did with them...

Favors photo 2Favors photo 3

Much better!!


We're also doing a candy buffett. I've only purchased some of the candy, so this is what we have so far...

Favors photo 4 The rest of the candy won't be color coordinated, but I'm going to decorate the containers with ribbons in our wedding colors. I'm so excited about this because it'll bring in a huge pop of color to the reception!

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I wanted a setting just like my mom's, a round solitaire. My FI picked it out on Blue Nile and he did a wonderful job!! It's exactly what I wanted!

My bling photo 1

And we picked out our wedding bands together.

Here is mine...

My bling photo 2


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Our invitations....

So many DIYs photo 1

And some close ups....

So many DIYs photo 2 RSVP card...

So many DIYs photo 3 Invite...

So many DIYs photo 4 Reception card...

So many DIYs photo 5 Directions page from church to reception site.

And here is our Save the Date!

So many DIYs photo 6