Oct 27, 2012

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Mike and I met around 10 years ago and were friends for  just under 3 of those years, on a creative writing website. He got onto my MSN messenger list and we started chatting when I was away from home (and a really bad dialup connection!) including one evening talking from maybe 4pm until 8am my time. Soon after that we started dating (28th October his time and 29th October my time).

Yes, we live in different time zones. I live in England, he lives in US. We met for real six months later, and ever since have seen each other twice a year for 2-3 weeks at a time. We first got engaged maybe a year into dating, after the birth of my nephew, but cancelled that engagement because we realised we weren't ready.

The next time we got engaged has stuck. About half an hour before I was to leave, last August, he proposed. I said yes.

It is hard to organise a wedding from across the ocean. My side of the church will be fairly empty, visa restrictions and waiting times mean that it's likely to be an autumn wedding instead of the spring wedding i loved the thought of, meaning that an outdoor wedding is also too unlikely.

For now I'm just reading about how everyone else did their weddings and trying not to get overwhelmed by the to-do lists, where pretty much everything is marked 'overdue' by a few months....