Sep 28, 2013

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Kyle and I have been friends since I was 17 and him 20. We both met while working at our local grocery store where I saw him various times wondering how I could get to know him. A way to a mans heart? Chocolate! First time I ever spoke to him I offered a piece of my chocolate bar (he would later tell me he has a soft spot for the delicious treat). And so we began to be friends since at this time I had a boyfriend who I would continue to date (even while Kyle and I were friends). I could talk to Kyle more then my current boyfriend at the time.. Many times the conversations we had would lead into deep intellectual msn talk until 4am. Knowing that this wasn't good for my current relationship I backed off a bit while Kyle began dating other girls. Every now and again I'd seek advice in Kyle and him in myself until one day my long relationship with my boyfriend came to a very mutual end. It was around Kyle's birthday so I shot him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY followed with a Hangouts soon on Facebook. And so we did. Kyle wasn't happy in his relationship and soon that came to an end also. Both of us, single, at the same time. This NEVER happens. I had a date with a new guy from my past and quickly cancelled it (something was screaming NO don't go on that date) instead, I went for dinner with Kyle. It didn't take long for us to realize this was suppose to happen. We have complimented each other for years and balanced our personalities out. We were meant to be. Friends for 8 years and dating for just over 2, Kyle (my bestfriend for YEARS) asked me to be his wife, knowing throughout those years of friendships and other relationships we should be together. Engaged February 17th 2012 Kyle and I originally wanted a destination wedding. The more we thought and prayed about it, the more we realized with our beliefs we would love to get married infront of God within his house. Our theme for our wedding is Rustic Country with a splash of Garden love! I love to be crafty, so the more DIY the better! I envision a lot of candles, strung lights, mason jars filled with lemonade, beautiful bridesmaids dresses of lavender and lilac, the men wearing grey and me in white. Hydrangeas, gerber daisies and food galor! Im so excited to plan our wedding for September 28th 2013!!