Apr 06, 2007

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The Look: Contemporary and Elegant

The Feel: Romantic with Asian elements

The Colors: Varying shades of pinks, ivory/champagne.

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We live in New Orleans and planned our wedding from afar.

Sam and I met in Saint Louis where he attended Wash U Law and I was at Saint Louis University Med. Sam is a JAG in the USMC and I am a Urology Resident. And fortunately, we were able to make it happen where he is stationed here and I matched here for residency. What a relief!

We look forward to spending the next three years here in New Orleans and then moving back to San Francisco. ;)

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon as Sam and I were walking in downtown Clayton (an area in St. Louis) to meet some friends for lunch. As we were walking, he was reflecting on the movie that they had watched the night before (The Notebook - a romantic love story).

As we turned a street corner, Sam said that he wanted to take care of me until we were old (like the husband in the movie). He got down on one knee, pulled out a box from his pocket, and asked me to be his wife. I was speechless. I was so surprised because he had been telling her that he was still saving up for a ring. In reality, he had flown to California a few weeks prior to get my parents' blessing, and naturally, he purchased the ring the day after they gave him the thumbs up. And yes, I did say "yes" even before I opened up the box and saw it.

People passing by congratulated us, and then we went to meet our friends for lunch and to share the great news!