Dec 27, 2012

A married Mrs. living one day at a time, still so in love with weddings!
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Just a quick shout out! If you are in the Austin Area our phtographers HighDot Studios were amazing!!!!



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Wow! You know I sat down for months after my wedding trying to get it together and finish posting everything. Because it truly was amazing and I could not wait to share it with all of you, the most wonderful support system in the world. I hope you can all forgive me for being so late with all of this. I kind of fell off the radar after the wedding. I went through a major depressive period and now a year and two months later I am just starting to get back up on my feet thanks to my therapist and some lovely new meds. Amen for wonderful amazing understanding husbands! So without further ado here are the rest of our wedding photos!!!



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The venue and the details photo 1The venue and the details photo 2The venue and the details photo 3The venue and the details photo 4The venue and the details photo 5The venue and the details photo 6The venue and the details photo 7The venue and the details photo 8The venue and the details photo 9The venue and the details photo 10The venue and the details photo 11The venue and the details photo 12The venue and the details photo 13The venue and the details photo 14The venue and the details photo 15The venue and the details photo 16The venue and the details photo 17The venue and the details photo 18The venue and the details photo 19The venue and the details photo 20The venue and the details photo 21The venue and the details photo 22The venue and the details photo 23The venue and the details photo 24The venue and the details photo 25The venue and the details photo 26The venue and the details photo 27The venue and the details photo 28The venue and the details photo 29The venue and the details photo 30The venue and the details photo 31The venue and the details photo 32The venue and the details photo 33

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So we will start this out on the morning of December 27th...after 4 hours of sleep it is finally time to get up and transform into a bride. I round up my girls in the hotel drag them down to a lovely fruit breakfast then out in the freezing cold to travel to the hair and makeup salon. There my makeup artist and hair artist do a fabulous job doing exactly what I wanted. I could only afford to get the girls airbrush foundation figuring they needed a good foundation at least for the rest of their makeup....but my makeup artist and her assistants helped them with all the rest of their makeup then cleaned it all up for free. So we all left there looking beautiful. 

We head back to the hotel with just an hour and a half to spare to get the bridesmaids and flowergirls hair done, everything into the cars and out to the venue to set up. But lo and behold the cousin I had employed to do the girls hair had decided to run off with her boyfriend...so I did it very quickly in the hotel room...it wasn't what I had hoped it would be but for someone who can't even do her own hair I think I did a ballin' job.

We get over to the venue running about 30 minutes late because of course when someone who can't do hair does hair it takes that much longer....the cousin finally shows up as well as like half my family to help set up...and you would think this would make quick work of things, but instead it just led to chaos with everyone asking me every two minutes what I needed done. I realize they were trying to help and wanted my day to be perfect so they didnt want to take any initiative but at the end of the day I just need it done. My braid is falling out I'm all sweaty and now I'm starting to lose it because everyone is needing me and I'm running late to go get ready and now my hair is falling out. 

My mom came and stopped me hugged me prayed over me and sent me to go get ready saying they would all be fine without me.

We all go to the bridal cottage to get ready and my cousin shows back up to rebraid my hair. Luckily the intricate pinned up curled part still stayed up. I get ready remembering things like I have no one to run the music for the ceremony at the last minute and having people go run and find other people so that all these things I forgot about can be done, since I can't go do them myself at this point cuz I have the big white dress on.

But everything got done, everyone got down the aisle, my flowergirls were cute as buttons, and I heard a bunch of sniffles coming from the first few rows as we said our heartfelt vows :D

Well I forgot to mention that uh while the bride and the bridesmaids are waiting outside the chapel to go in...in the freezing cold....the groom and groomsmen had no idea the wedding was starting. No one told them so they were all still chillin in the grooms room...but all in all it was just a slight hiccup. WE GOT MARRIED! WOOT!

Then of course its tons of pictures out in the freezing cold because I picked the venue because it was so naturally beautiful....my hands went beyond red to purple. Shoulda had mittens. But or photographers! I can't even tell you how amazing they were. So fun to work with. Totally understood my vision. And they went above and beyond anything I could have expected. All night long everyone kept telling me how awesome they were and I definitely agree.

Now I planned my reception to be a big family get together not some formal stuffy reception so it had been going on for about an hour when we walked in and I was perfectly ok with that. Everyone seemed to have a great time and said they could see me shining through in all the decor and ideas and what not. Which was perfect. Things weren't all set up the way I had envisioned but everything was full of love. Our love for eachother, and our family and friends love for us. You could feel it in every little thing. So even though as the bride who planned it I knew things weren't perfect....in a way it was perfect.

And we danced. And we talked. I didn't really eat but the groom and everyone else did. And we cried, oh how we cried. But it was a beautiful night. 

I danced with my Dad and he made me bawlllll my eyes out. He said all those things that lost lonely little girls need to hear. And he told me he loves Kyle and he is so proud of the woman I have become.

I hugged my stepmom and I said all those things a bitter young woman needed to hear years ago from a young daughter who never could understand why things were so awful between them. And we cried. She didn't say those things I've always wanted to hear but sometimes you have to make the first step....and I took it.

And then we decided to wrap up the reception two hours early cuz I was getting tired and cranky and my back was killing me, and everyone else seemed to be wanting to wrap it up to. So we left and I don't regret it. My wedding was perfect mostly because of how imperfect it was. 

Thank you ladies for the encouragement, advice and support you all offered me. It's almost like you guys walked me up to that aisle so I could walk down and become the happiest woman alive. :)

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My grandmother is making my cake....A giant gingerbread house that everyone can munch on throughout the evening :) She is in the process of designing it so I can't wait to see what she comes up with The things I know so far photo 1

She is also making my sisters flower maiden dress I'll post pics later of course :)

My ladies are wearing Alfred Angelo dresses in hunter green 7016 if y'all want to take a look 

and my maid of honor is wearing 7193 also in hunter green

These are our invitations we made the other dayThe things I know so far photo 2

and we won't be serving dinner but we will be having veggie fruit and cheese trays along with a dessert bar and a hot chocolate bar

The things I know so far photo 3

The things I know so far photo 4

and lastly we will have notecards set out for people to leave us advice and encouragement and they can put them in the mr and mrs stockings we'll have hung on the fireplace in the venue

The things I know so far photo 5

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So excited to have finally found my dress :D

The Dress photo 1


The Dress photo 2


The Dress photo 3


The Dress photo 4