Oct 13, 2007

( 2.0 / 5.0 )
Thought I did get a good price on my Maggie dress here, I have the feeling I would have been able to haggle the same way at nearly any other dress shop. I also got $100 in free accessories with my dress order, which I applied to most of my crinoline, as I already had my shoes, veil, tiara, etc. We did buy my veil their a few weeks before the dress, and they neglected to call me when it was in. They also neglected to call me when my crinoline came in. They DID call when my dress came in, thank god! I came in that day to try on my dress, and let them know I'd be in with my mom later to pay the remaining 50% balance. Later when I came in to try it on again, but prior to paying off said balance, I was told I couldn't try on my dress because there was a balance due! To which I quickly replied that I had already been in to try it on, and I had already paid them nearly $400 thus far... did she think I was going to abscond with a 50lb wedding gown without her notice? After hemming and hawing, and picking up the wrong dress from the back, she finally DRAGGED my dress across the store to a dressing room so I could try it on. Needless to say I was livid at this point. Fast forward to a month later, my MoH and I went in to order her BM dress, one week after confirming the correct dress info with the shop, and when we arrived, and couldn't find the BM dress on the rack... THEN they informed me it had been discontinued the week before. So with little to no apology, and ZERO helpfulness in helping us pick out a new dress, we spent 2 hours looking for and eventually finding a new bridesmaids dress at the last minute. For sheer lack of helpfulness I give this vendor 2 stars. I should have been notified when: my veil arrived, my crinoline arrived, and most importantly when the BM dresses had been discontinued. I shouldn't have been met with severe attitude every time I went into the store.
Services used: Dress & Attire, Jewelry