Jun 06, 2009

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I collected a ton of pictures from the internet:  some off of people's blogs, google images, photographer's websites, and of course, Project Wedding.  I always went to Mosaic Maker to put the images together in a somewhat cohesive form. 


I changed my mind probably a hundred times on the colors of the wedding.  I blame it on the fact that the major planning in a wedding happens about 6-9 months ahead of schedule.  So when a bride is planning a summer wedding, she's in the middle of fall, with all the beautiful dark browns, yellows, oranges, reds, etc are in full effect...and vice versa.

So now that it is 1.5 months before the wedding, I'm being influenced by greens, whites, bright colors, freshness, etc.  So here is the latest inspiration board. 

(haha, of course my dress goes in the middle!)

Inspiration Boards photo 1 

Here is one I made for our bridal party specifically:

Inspiration Boards photo 2

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Minimalist makeup:  peachy or pink and some false LASHES!!!  :)

The Makeup photo 1 The Makeup photo 2

The Makeup photo 3 The Makeup photo 4 The Makeup photo 5

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I have so much hair and it tends to get in my face a lot.  So for the wedding, I decided it would have to be up, out of my face, but still look soft and not too constructed...

Sources (L/R):

theKnot, unknown,

Hair photo 1 Hair photo 2 

PMR (Professional Makeup Artistry), the Knot

Hair photo 3 Hair photo 4

via anExcitedBride blog

Hair photo 5 Hair photo 6

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I wanted to go with something that was soft, lush and white.  

Sweet peas, tulips, lily of the valley.

 The Bouquet photo 1 The Bouquet photo 2

the bouquet in Andrew Firestone's wedding.  Loving the hints of fresh green!

The Bouquet photo 3 The Bouquet photo 4



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The girls dresses are an Alfred Angelo 7002.  Here is a picture I stole from another bride of the color - "grape."  The 2nd picture shows you the style of the dress.

My Girls Bridesmaids photo 1 My Girls Bridesmaids photo 2

The pleating in the front makes a little pouf, but hopefully with their bouquets to cover them, they won't look too pregnant!


I'm still narrowing down our color choices but its going to be between plum/purple and yellow.  I love how chic the purple looks and how fresh the yellow is.  Choosing is going to be hard.

My Girls Bridesmaids photo 3  My Girls Bridesmaids photo 4  My Girls Bridesmaids photo 5

My Girls Bridesmaids photo 6 My Girls Bridesmaids photo 7

My Girls Bridesmaids photo 8 My Girls Bridesmaids photo 9


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We have a winner!  I'm having the pastry chef at the hotel make this cake (originally created by The Cake Girls), with ivory buttercream, sugar white peonies, and the criss cross lines should be a lime green!

It will be ivory buttercream on the outside, with white cake, white chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries on the inside.  I am so looking forward to tasting this bad girl.

The Cake photo 1


I'm looking for a cake that is fun and elegant at the same time.  I suppose that's the entire theme for the wedding.  Here are a few that serve as inspiration.  (I'm sorry if I have one of your photos.  I'm fairly new to this wedding webpage thing so please message me and I will give credit where it is due!)

The Cake photo 2    The Cake photo 3 The Cake photo 4 The Cake photo 5The Cake photo 6 The Cake photo 7

  The Cake photo 8