Jun 06, 2009

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I have to preface this by saying that wedding dress shopping was nothing short of challenging.  Prior to getting engaged, I had never read a bridal magazine and hadn't the slightest clue what to expect.  I knew nothing about fabrics, styles, etc.  

All I knew was that the dress needed to feel like "me."  I was going for something that was simple...but not too simple.  Modern...but not too modern or over the top.  A dress that was slimming (able to hold in my pouchy belly), but comfortable at the same time.  I liked strapless dresses and wanted a slight sweetheart neckline.

I tried on MANY dresses.  Some pretty, others...not so pretty.  Lace, taffeta, silk, beading, crystal, name it, I tried it on!  I drove near and far for any chance to get it "right."

Here are a few inspiration dresses:

Justina McCaffrey and Amy Kuschel "Hayworth"

 The Dress photo 1 The Dress photo 2

Amsale and Palazzo

 The Dress photo 3 The Dress photo 4

La Fleur by Anne Barge and Vineyard Collection Jane dress

 The Dress photo 5The Dress photo 6

Unfortunately, when I decided on a dress, I didn't get it right the first time around.  I chose one, put down a deposit and thought I'd move forward with planning. 

Liancarlo 3820 - while this was a wonderful dress, I started to rethink it...

The Dress photo 7

...was it the fabric right?  Was the fit right?  Would it photograph well?  Would I be spending the entire night thinking I should have gotten another dress?...So i started shopping around again trying to figure out what exactly I didn't like about the first dress and what I liked about other dresses.  I happened to come across a bride who wore this dress in her wedding and thought she looked gorgeous...and then I just had to have it...

So I went back to a store and tried on the only two remaining dresses...

The Jane and the Mila:

I tried each one about a gazillion times...

The Dress photo 8 The Dress photo 9

Ultimately, the Mila won.  (but boy, it was a hard decision)

(I've shrunk the images so the fiance can't see.  Please click on the images to enlarge!)

The Dress photo 10  The Dress photo 11

It is simple but still has some flair with the assymetrical hem.  The dress itself has a lot of fabric to it, but the taffeta material makes it light and very comfortable to walk around in. 

The sample dress was a bit big...I can't wait until the dress arrives in March!!

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Jinwoo (Will) and I got engaged in March 2008 after dating for close to 4 years!  We met through friends - one of my girlfriends in particular would rave about this "guy" who was so "nice, smart, and smelled like laundry detergent!" 

Well one day, the "guy" called me up one day for a date.  I was unsure at first but decided I had nothing to lose and agreed.  We had our first date in July 2004 during Venetian Night in Chicago.  We have been together ever since!

C J Wedding photo 1

He proposed in March 2008 while we were on vacation in Cancun.  We were out with another couple to dinner, came back to our hotel and sat outside for a bit.  Our friends decided they were tired and called it a night.  They suggested we stay and finish our drinks before we head up.  (I should have known right then and there but this was the last thing on my mind!).  The lights went out and suddenly he was on his knees in front of me proposing!!!....

C J Wedding photo 2

We're planning a summer 2009 wedding.  The ceremony will be at his home church in Des Plaines, Illiniois followed by a reception at the Schaumburg Renaissance Hotel.  The theme is simple, modern, and elegant.