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Oct 11, 2008

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( 5.0 / 5.0 )
++ One of the only advantages of not meeting my soulmate until later on in life is the birth of honeymoon registries! If I would have gotten married only a few years ago, I would have to register for unnecessary items just for the sake of registering. Due to the fact that I have had my own place for more than 10 years and that I love to shop, we have everything that we need and want. After we used the scan gun for luggage and a new can opener, there was nothing else that we needed. This website was fun to set up and everyone loved it! It also forced me to research restaurants, excursions, and prices beforehand. There was a 7% service charge but they allowed people to use credit cards which some of the free services did not allow. Between frequent flier miles, starwood points, and the honeymoon registry, we did 12 days in Hawaii (full of excursions) for less than $5,000.
Services used: Travel

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Irma's Bridal
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
+. I did not find the dress shopping experience fun at all. I did not grow up with a vision of the dress. I would have much rather shopped for jeans and shoes (at least I knew what I liked). Even though the models and other girls at the shops looked so beautiful in their dresses, I felt like they were so heavy, big and they made me feel like I was a mummer. Also, I was disappointed that 80% of the dresses were strapless which is unflattering to my back fat. And most of those dresses were empire waist (which is bad for short torsos). Of all the places that we went, I felt that Irmas staff was most patient and caring. I knew that I liked the Maggies and they had a huge selection. Just from looking at my frame, they suggested dresses that I would have never taken off the hanger. She was also the first person who suggested the off the shoulder straps to camouflage the area that I was self conscious about. When I picked up the dress before the wedding, I felt like I was saying good-bye to old friends.
Services used: Dress & Attire

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( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Since we are an interfaith couple and neither of us are religious, we searched for a non-denominational officiant. I met with Journeys of the Heart and had a meeting with Micki. We immediately loved her unique ideas and felt that it would be perfect for us. She had all sorts of ideas like passing the rings through the crowd at the ceremony so everyone close to you touches it, the hands ceremony, the circling of flowers, etc. In addition, she suggested that we add our respective traditions without being too religious (unity candle, breaking of the glass, etc.) She gave us the full script of the ceremony before hand and we edited and customized it. This was especially nice because she had a personalized love story which we used to say what we wanted to say to each other without having to say it ourselves. It was short, sweet and to the point. Afterwards, we had so many compliments on how the ceremony fitted us so perfectly. .
Services used: Officiant

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Marc Anthony Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
In our search for a wedding photographer, we had 3 things that were a high priority in our search. The first was photojournalistic style. Even though we wanted some traditional family shots, we wanted our pictures to be fun and full of candid shots. The second priority was obtaining rights to the photos. We didnt want family and friends to have to purchase each photo and pay $10-$15 for a 4 x 6. We wanted to be able to put them on snapfish and allow people to print them on their own. This also allows us to make our albums for grandparents and others ourselves. The third thing was price. Most of the recommended photographers were at least $4,000 and up. We came across Marc Anthony and he offered exactly what we were looking for. We absolutely love his style of photography and he did not charge for extra hours. Marc was awesome to work with. He was friendly, enthusiastic, and immediately responded to every e-mail and phone call. He made it feel like we were working with a friend instead of a vendor. He had the pictures available by the time we came back from our honeymoon.
Services used: Photography

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( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Absolutely loved our venue. Everything about the place was awesome. On our first visit, the event coordinators (even though they were in the process of setting up for an event) were so warm, welcoming, and genuine. They turned out to be such a HUGE help during the whole planning process (we are going to miss working with them). They immediately responded to every phone call and gave us suggestions and recommendations that we would have never thought of. In addition, we did not get nickeled and dimed for everything. They had one price and that included mostly everythingno upcharge for cocktail stations, martini bar, extra hors d overs. We were first attracted to the uniqueness of the place with an outside and inside with a few different rooms. We thought this was a huge plus since a lot of the halls and hotel weddings dont really have anywhere for people to congregate away from the music besides the hallways. Also, since we had a lot of out-of-towners, we felt that the location had a lot to offer people with the beach, golf, casinos being so close by. The Rams Head is known to have awesome food and the quality of their food is not effected for a huge wedding So many guests complimented the awesome food at both the cocktail hour and the dinner. Also, they automatically give you a 5% lead way in your guest count. This was a huge plus since I have seen many people have to pay for all their no-shows. We had 6 no-shows and having the auto refund was sweet.
Services used: Wedding Venue, Rehearsal Dinner

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Cheers the Band
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
We definitely wanted a band and immediately thought of the shore bar bands that we are used to seeing on weekends. Many of them were already booked or totally out of our budget (I was initially shocked on how expensive some of these bands were). We went to several showcases and were sent so many DVDs and CDs and the whole process was very overwhelming. We never heard of Cheers before this whole wedding planning but it was one of our venues recommendation. Since they play at the rams head all the time we felt confident in the way they would coordinate and work with the venue coordinators and their familiarity of the acoustics of the room. They have several vocalists and were very versatile. (one of their singers made it to Hollywood on American idol) They played the whole time (providing ceremony and cocktail hour music) with only taking short break during dinner. The dance floor was packed all night! Many compliments on the band
Services used: Band

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Betina's at Parkview
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
We met with two florists and Betinas quote was a lot less than the other quote. I didnt know much about flowers before this whole shindig, but she helped us choose what would work best with our colors and the theme at the venue. The centerpieces and bouquets were amazing! However, when the flowers were dropped off at the house, they were missing the flowers for the hair, 3 corsages (for the mothers),and she gave us the wrong flower girl accessory. At first, I noticed the flowers for the hair. I called them and they immediately delivered this to the house. It was very chaotic that day so I didnt notice the others missing until were ready to go to the venue. In the end, they did deliver the corsages to the venue and gave us a small refund for the misunderstanding. However, we did pay for petals in the aisle. For some reason, these were not there as requested. She refunded the money and it didn't affect our day. But I think the pictures would have been better if they provided as requested.
Services used: Flowers