Sep 28, 2013

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I really love this dress, I just need to find it at a price I can afford. It is Allure Bridal Style #8917.

Love photo 1



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Since I can not make up my mind about anything Eric has decided on the color. Here is an inspiration board I found.

color photo 1    color photo 2color photo 3

source and source

But with a country flair, because thats exactly how we are.

color photo 4  color photo 5

source and source

Now that the color is decided maybe IO can move on and actually plan a wedding. We shall see.

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I am not good with this writting thing but will give this a try.

Eric and I met in 4th grade and went all thru school together yet really never noticed each other. I guess we just hung out in different crowds. he a little wild and I was more reserved. In September of 05 we saw each other again as I was a bar that he was a bouncer at. We exchanged numbers but lost touch again. In October 2010 we started talking on Facebook and he asked me out. I turned him down. I was just out of a five year relationship and was not looking to get into another one. Come December he was still asking, so since he was being so persistant I said I would go a date with him. I laughed ALL night long. In Jan of 2011 we became exclusive, in April we moved in together and on my birthday in July he popped the question. So it has been a whirlwind.

Eric has three daughters and I have two boys and together we have two furbabies. Keyla and Rocco.

Me and E photo 1Me and E photo 2

Just last week I decided that I wanted to get married in October. We live in Kentukcy and plan on an outdoor ceremony, with a tent reception. So here I am on Project Wedding looking for inspiration.

Edited: 3/3/13

I have changed my mind several time, about several things. This wedding may never happen. haha. I do not know why I am having so much trouble making decisions and sticking with it. Its almost like i am afraid if I decide on something I will find something better and regret it.

The date is 9/28/13.