May 01, 2012

House of Brides
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I am only giving the one start because I HAVE to give at least one. I ordered my dress in august was told it would come in dec or jan and it came in march. Then when I try it on the whole thing is a mess. The top has WAY too much room in the chest and the sides go up my armpits so much that I can't lower my arms down. The sewing of the bottom to the middle part was awful the dress poofed out awkwardly and layed awful on the tooled slip underneath that was part of the dress. I was assusred by the sales associate that the tailor would be able to fix it. Their tailor refused to make an appointment with me because they only do 1st fittings on monday tuesday and thursday and I wanted to come in on wednesday. They are there only monday thru friday and their last appointment is at 6 so if you work 9-5 good luck. The only reason I paid the rest of the dress and took it without their tailor looking at is is because the sales associate assured me over and over again that it could be fixed. I immediately took it to Tailors touch in Orland (we go there for most of our alterations) and once she saw me in it and looked over the dress she told me there was no way she could fix it. I went to another alterations in Midlothian and she also told me there was no way to fix the dress. The following day I took it to 2 more tailors/seamstresses that all said the same thing and told me to demand my money back. I took the dress back to house of brides, explained everything to the manager Deborah and even put the stupid dress back on to show her. I then put the sample dress that was the exact same size and what my dress supposedly was and it fit perfect. She told me she would bring people in to fight that the manufacturer screwed the dress up. Any good company at that point would have refunded me and then had their own battle with the manufacturer. Not them. She claimed when I called HER (bc she couldn't even call me back about it) that she had some people come in and look at it and they said because I took it out of the store I agreed to the problems. WHAT?!?! The sample dress was even messed up where the detailing was. They are a scam, they get you to buy a dress and even when it's a manufacturer defect they won't refund you. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS AND SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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