Jan 07, 2012

Hazelnut Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I don't know where to begin when describing how great Jordana is! We were blown away by our wedding and engagement pics...I don't consider myself a photogenic person but she somehow found a way to make us both look gorgeous! Whenever I show our photos to people, they comment that they don't look like your typical (posed) wedding pictures...and that's because they're not! Jordana is very non-directive and just encouraged us to behave and interact as we usually would. At first, I thought this might feel weird, but it turned out to be really fun, having these intimate moments with my new hubby and just having Jordana there in the background to capture our honest in-the-moment feelings. And then when it came to the family photos, she did an amazing job of getting everybody in and out efficiently and everyone looked great! During the ceremony and reception, she and her awesome husband/assistant captured both the important and random moments so that we really have a wonderful documentation of the whole day. I know we're going to cherish these pictures for years to come- they really captured the tingly excitement as well as the natural beauty of the venue.
Services used: Photography