Oct 11, 2013

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LaRue (the ol' ball n' chain) and I started looking at engagement rings last November, shortly after our "official" 1 year anniversary. We actually started dating in August of 2010 and knew each other years before we have more time under our belt than it would seem. Lol.

The holidays came and ring. We were buckling down financially as we were preparing to move into our new apartment. By the time February rolled around, I was beginning to think that this whole engagement thing may not happen.

I went to Florida on a business trip in late February, and returned the first Friday of the evening. It having been a long week of being away, I had previously planned to take that upcoming Monday off of work to relax. LaRue decided to call in "sick" that day, as well, and we had a very nice, relaxing day...that segued into looking for engagement rings before noon. Apparently, while I was away, LaRue had done some engagement ring looking on his own. I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder...?

We had discussed a reasonable budget and went to a few stores with that in mind. The last store we went to, I found an amazing .84ct 18kt white gold setting that basically called my name as I put it on. LOL! My heart started to beat fast and I just looked at him and said "this is the one". I was practically soaring with excitement when the saleswoman took out a needle and burst my bubble, telling me that I had read the price tag wrong. I inverted the numbers and the beautiful ring that I just fell in love with was more than double the setting budget we'd discussed. I metaphorically kissed it goodbye as we left the store with me pouting.

Fast forward to that Friday: We both get home from work and LaRue told me he needed to talk to me. This certainly freaked me out because that is not a typical type of announcement from him. He ended up sitting me down and telling me that the money he'd set aside for my e-ring was gone, having been spent foolishly on something else. As I said, we were about to move and every free cent we were making was going towards all of the new stuff we were purchasing for the move. I just started bawling, completely aware that the money he'd saved was the only opportunity for us to get engaged any time in the relatively near future. I asked him why he'd do something so selfish, and he just kept apologizing. Over the next half hour, my mood fluctuated from complacent to sad to angry and back again. It was awful. At one point, he asked me to grab him a Monster out of the fridge. I'm sitting there, tissues stuck to my face, flabbergasted by his selfishness then even more taken aback by his sudden need for an energy drink. Who does that?! So I ignored him and continued to try and make sense of his unusually self-involved decision. A few minutes later, he asked for the Monster again. This time, I was ticked and told him to "Go get your own Damn monster. You have legs!". He looked at me and said, "Babe, really." So, I threw up my hands, went into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator door, and my jaw dropped. There on top of a lone Monster can on the top shelf of the fridge was a ring box, opened, holding the ring I fell in love with a few days toting a perfect 2ct round-cut addition. I grabbed the ring box, stumbled confusedly into the living room with a look on my face that I can only assume resembled a puppy when they hear something new and tilt their head to the side. By the time I reached him, my tears had turned into that of happiness. He took the box out of my hand and asked me to be his wife as he slipped my dream ring on my finger. Of course I said "yes". We kissed and hugged and as we pulled away to look at each other the only thing I could think of to say was "Why would you make me cry like that?!"

Only MY future husband would want to throw me off the proposal scent so badly, he'd be willing to make me cry...and then manage to incorporate a Monster in the story we'd go on to tell friends, family, and our future children. LOL! Got to love and cherish a man who will make you cry tears of frustration and tears of joy...all for the right reasons. :-D