Dec 31, 2013

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I never thought this would happen again for me, and he thought it would never happen period, but here we are - in the uniquely common situation of trying to plan a wedding.

My FH is from Scotland, and I am from Texas.  Tons of distance huh? So how did we meet?  Through a mutual friend who invited me to join a group of her friends in a online activity/forum/etc.  My FH was the first one to say "hi" to me and we hit it off like a house a'fire.

We have been friends since September 2011, but knew there was something deeper since November 2011, and have known we were going to get married since April 2012.

He truly is my soulmate, and I am so happy to have finally met him.

This will be my second wedding.  I am not dying for the "fantastic spectacle" and the budget that goes along with it, but I want a charming, classy, fun event that everyone can enjoy and I leave feeling was a success cause it honored us as a couple.  I am an artist, and so there are things that I want and expect creatively, visually, etc. but being artistic also means I can do many of the things myself.  I am a sentimental person too.  I am semi-traditionalist, but I love things to have a slightly quirky charm to them, just to keep you on your toes if you are paying attention.  I am a bit of a tomboy, love horses (been riding for 30 years and training for 17), music (I play several instruments), visual arts (I have a degree in Visual Art with a concentration in painting), writing, and research (half the fun of doing this is that it is fullfulling my inner need to have a research project going at all times.)

This will be his first wedding.  He is more set on the "traditional" view of the event than I am, but he also likes things to be unusual and interesting.  He's very funny, charming, and a real good time to be around.  He's sentimental too - just won't admit it (lol!).  He's a contractor in the I.T. field, which allows him to travel more than me, so he is travelling back and forth between Scotland and the U.S. while we are doing the planning.  He likes his music (and plays guitar and writes music too), and is a little bit of a "geek" (I use that term in the most loving and caring way - I love how he is.  He likes his gadgets, and wants the best of everything and that makes me happy - cause he wants me.)