May 12, 2012

True Love Bridal
( 0.4 / 5.0 )
Went to several places looking for bridesmaids dresses and figured I would give True Love Bridal a chance. That was the BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. We ordered 2 bridesmaids dresses and a maid of honor dress. The dresses were ordered were promised to us in February and did not come in until April. Getting married is stressful, but it is absolutely ridiculous when you need to worry about your dress and the fact that you have no dresses for the bridal party. When the dresses came in, the maid of honor dress was WAY too small. The girl asked the salesperson to order her a bigger size and she gave her an attitude that they do this for a living and she is wrong, a bigger dress would be huge on her. Needless to say, the dress they ordered her did not fit , it was way too small. The owner would not even try to fix it, her response was too bad, deal with it. That is unprofessional and unacceptable. She then measured her again and it turns out she’s a smaller size than originally. That means the dress should be too big, not too small. I am so happy I did not order my bridal gown there and do not recommend it. With any business, if there is an issue you should stand behind your product. They did not. Once you signed the paper that you wanted that dress no matter what happens it’s not their problem and they do not care. If you go there, it will add to your stress level and in my case it is going to be a long night for the poor girl whose dress is too small and needs to squeeze into it! Don’t waste your time looking there; I don’t know how people have good reviews on this crappy place. STAND BEHIND YOUR PRODUCT!
Services used: Dress & Attire