May 16, 2009

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The bride will arrive in...

Wedding Day Transportation photo 1Wedding Day Transportation photo 2Wedding Day Transportation photo 3Wedding Day Transportation photo 4Wedding Day Transportation photo 5

This is a classic Model A ford. From the year 1914. My dad is building it from the ground up. It is looking great and he thinks it will be ready before the wedding. He will also drive us to our wedding night suite after the reception.

After a long talk with parents and bridal party we have decided against any kind of fancy transportation for them. They all agree it will be better just to drive normal cars, considering they will be there afterwards cleaning up :( poor guys... but I love them for all their help

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The amazing people that will help our perfect day come together!

Photography(free)- Sara Tredenick (no company name)
Sara is an amazing photographer. She is just beginning but you couldn't even tell! She did our engagement pictures and we had such a great time! She made us feel comfortable and captured our personalites perfectly. I would definately recommend her!

Cake (2 dollars per serving)- Jessica at Fun time Cakes
Jessica was the first vendor we booked. She is awesome and has a great personality! She has been very helpful and patient with us as we change cake design ideas. We can not wait to taste more of delicious cake at the wedding! We definately recommend her and you can see her website at funtimecakes.com

DJ (400 dollars for unlimited time and service)- Dale with Rock and Country mobile DJ's
Dale actually found us! He emailed after seeing my desperate posts on craigslist to find a DJ. We had met with several DJ's and none of them seemed right. Dale's prices and services are just perfect for us! Our wedding is outside in a place with no set electricity so we needed a DJ that was comfortable running of a generator. Dale will provide his own generator! One less thing for us to worry about. We definately recommend him and you can contact him at (970)568-0474

Officiant-  We are still looking for an officiant if you have any recommendations in Colorado please let me know!



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Alcoholic Beverages

Champagne:Verdi SpumanteMenu and Beverages photo 1

Wine: Carlo Rossi Menu and Beverages photo 2We will have a variety of red and pink wines

Beer: Variety of wheats, with an orange bar! Menu and Beverages photo 3Menu and Beverages photo 4

Appetizers and finger foods
Ham Pin Wheels (ham, cream cheese, lettuce, tomatoe wrapped in a tortilla roll)
* Jalepeno cheddar bites ( jalepeno cut in half filled with mayo and shredded cheese)
* Fruit bouquet (chocolate covered strawberries and bananas formed in the shape of a bouquet)
* Vegie Tray (mix of peppers, cheese, celery, cucumbers and ya... you get it)

* Saurkraut and summer sausage (having saurkraut at a wedding is a german tradition)
* Honeybaked Ham
* Large tossed salad with almonds and cranberries for the vegetarians
* Boneless Hot wings
* Angel hair pasta with artichokes

* Cold gourmet pasta salad
* Green Chilli Stew
* Potatoe salad
* Bread rolls
* Deviled eggs
* Mashed potatoes and country gravy

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Brides Look photo 1Brides Look photo 2

Had my hair trial. We are going to do tighter curls, criss cross in the back , and more poof on the top .

I will wear small diamond stud earrings because I don't want to overdo the jewelry

Love the look of bright shoes under the dress!
Brides Look photo 3

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Here's a horrible picture of the tux fitting lol but it gives you an idea. Except he will have a pink pocket square and pink boutonierre as well.
The guys will wear photo 1The guys will wear photo 2

The guys will wear photo 3The guys will wear photo 4

Groomsmen will wear black and white converse and groom will wear all white converse!


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Wedding cake
We have decided to go with a non-traditional cake. A mad hatter cake!! This is our inspiration!
Cakes photo 1

We are getting little cartoon versions of ourselves made for our cake topper!
Cakes photo 2

Grooms cake- SHHH!
Cakes photo 3
Jeff loves music! His grooms cake will be a guitar it will be an exact replica of his fav guitar this one...
Cakes photo 4