May 16, 2009

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We got engaged august 2007 at that time we decided on this park as our venue. Well when this summer came and we actually started planning we looked at every place but this one. We were about to reserve another venue when we drove by this park again. We decided we loved it more than anything else we had seen. Well guess what! The day I went to the city to reserve it they told me the park permit, alcohol permit, and sound permit were all free! So that took a huge chunk out of our budget. Its just going to take a little special creativity to make it exactly how I want it.

 Venue photo 1Venue photo 2Venue photo 3The alter and bridal party and us will be in the circle. Guests will be seated on both sides of the sidewalk path.



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Dyed Crinoline
Couldn't get the bottom layer to dye, but I still like the way it turned out :)
DIY photo 1DIY photo 2

DIY trees for alter
DIY photo 3

Dyed rose petals for aisle runner
DIY photo 4DIY photo 5DIY photo 6

DIY Bridal hoody
DIY photo 7DIY photo 8

So I decided I didn't want to handwrite 200 place cards so I am doing this instead!
Here's mine in progress
DIY photo 9

Save the dates

My sister took this picture of us with our flower girl/dog. We then uploaded them on a walmart style greeting card and printed them out to be picked up the next day. 22 dollars for 100 of them!

DIY photo 10

Table Numbers

For a long time I was looking for a cute idea for my table numbers. I really wanted to include pictures in them but I didn't want to use our engagement pics because thats what our card box will be made of. I came across these and LOVE them.

 Ours will be numbers Table number 1 will have pics of each of us when we were a year old and so on and so forth. Then I was browsing some pages and saw wine corks to hold up the table numbers. I loved this idea. So thats what I have been working on. Cutting on the boards and doing the corks. The corks are pretty tideous, you have to cut them exactly the same and glue them on just right or it'll fall over with the slightest breeze.


 Ring Pillow
The giant ring idea compliments of HMM :)
DIY photo 11

Reserved seating signs
DIY photo 12DIY photo 13

Flower-Dog shirt!
DIY photo 14DIY photo 15

Moss Letter
The moss letter will hang on the front of my dads classic model A that we will arrive to the ceremony in.
DIY photo 16

Monogram Aisle Runner
DIY photo 17DIY photo 18DIY photo 19DIY photo 20DIY photo 21DIY photo 22

Centerpiece vase with velum label
DIY photo 23

Cake serving set
FI made these and did a great job!
DIY photo 24DIY photo 25

Bridesmaid Update Newsletter
I made these to keep the girls up to date on new wedding details!
DIY photo 26

DIY photo 27

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The bridal party and I will be walking down the aisle to "warmness on the soul" by avenged sevenfold.

The bridal party will walk in to the slow part and when it hits the guitar solo thats when I will walk down the aisle. It was Jeffs idea and I cant picture anything more awesome and perfect that walking to a guitar solo!!

Here is a you tube link if you want to listen to it


Our First Dance

"Close to the Flame" HIM

This has always been "our" song. I still cry everytime I hear it. So it was only right for it to be our first dance. Not one of the DJs we spoke to have the song in their library though so thank goodness we had it on cd for them to use.