Nov 14, 2014

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It's all led to him..Matt, The man I will marry. I thought I found the one before.. I'm under MrsBerry2010.. But as some may remember he cheated. It was a long hard road to get over my ex Sean. But I can say with confidence I'm over him. Me and Matt met through P.O.F since I'm shy and have a hard time meeting anyone..We started talking in August I believe..We talked for a while..I was living with my father at the time working on the farm getting up every morning with the sun but staying up all night talking to him come october when he moved up north to work at Sunday River I was sad that he was so far away because I knew I couldn't meet him if I wanted too. But he we talked via phone and webcam..we would talk for hours about anything and everything. I was slowly beginning to fall in love with him...then...11-11-10 I asked him out...over yahoo messeger lol cheesy I know...I hadn't even met him..but I just knew..He  came home early that year..I saw him for Christmas eve, I was so happy but so scared that once he saw me he wouldn't want me..we arranged a date :) and the rest well is we are today ring on my finger. I love my Snow Man