Jul 06, 2013

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NEED Judith Leiber Cupcake Purse photo 1

LADIES!... you may remember this perfect little purse that Lily had in Sex and the City! It is the Judith Leiber purse <3 I LOVE CUPCAKES and when I found this purse online I freaked out! It is like a perfect piece of art. Now the chances of me getting this purse are PRETTY SLIM.... as the purse is $4295.00 but a girl can't help but dream can she?

I keep hoping and wondering how much money I can save but it is going to be pretty impossible! But I LOVE IT!

NEED Judith Leiber Cupcake Purse photo 2

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Engagement Photo s 3 photo 1

SOOOOO WE FINALLY GOT OUR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS DONE MONDAY YAY! We did them in downtown Toronto and a our very talented friend Dimitri Sarantis did all of the photographs! We have no seen them all these two are just a teaser, but we have fallen in love with them!

We were really uncomfortable at first just because we had never taken professional photos before but it turned out perfectly. Just the fact of looking at eachother with smiles made us feel so much more comfortable!

It rained that evening... and not a little bit but it goes to show you that if you are going to make a bad situation worse then thats what it will become. If you chose to make a non ideal situation into a better one and know that your both in it together it makes the experience everything you hoped and more!

Love him forever and Always <3

Engagement Photo s 3 photo 2

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The Kleinfeld s Experience photo 1

Well hello there everyone!

I am extra excited today because I booked my appointment at Kleinfeld's for July 7th! I cannot wait to have the ultimate say yes to the dress experience. My mom actually is designing my dress which I am very excited and honored about! We are going there to see if possibly I fall in love with something (but I have my heart set on my momma) and try on different styles, fits and colours!

It is the NYC trip for me, my mom (who lives there half the time), my fiancee's mom, my maid of honor Amanda and bridemaid Jenni! It is going to be a great time and secretly I am hoping to run into Randy from the show Shhhh!!!!!

Also my bridemaids are going to look at dresses for themselves there, and I will be picking up my Cinderella shoes whichever Louboutins they may be!

I love being a bride to be and it gets better each and everyday!

The Kleinfeld s Experience photo 2


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Engagement Party Location Finally photo 1

So after a few stressful weeks of engagement party planning. Its all finally solved and we are making the invitations tonight! It was good way to get me prepared for the wedding planning actually. You realize how fast numbers can go, what is realistic when it comes to guests and budget, and that something that you fall in love with might not be what it is all worked up to be. For example I went to a venue which was a castle and I was IN LOVE WITH IT! My fiance thought it was perfect! Unfortunately the people working for the venue and caterers treated us horribly and I was left heart broken! Then it happened.... We go and eat in Yorkville in Toronto quite a bit... this restaurant that we love has a private room and will fit our 30 guests. The restaurant is called Remy's!! The prices are great and the people that work there are amazing. Not to mention the food and drinks are fabulous!

It will be cocktail style starting for 7:00 p.m. until whenever everyone wants to head out... which i think will be pretty late! It just goes to show you.... things through out this adventure of wedding planning will get tough but there is always light at the end of the tunnel :)

Engagement Party Location Finally photo 2Engagement Party Location Finally photo 3

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We could not have asked for a better group of people to be around us for our big day! And it would not be the same without them :)


The Maid Of Honor: Amanda                                           The BridesMaid: Jenni

 Our Bridal Party photo 1Our Bridal Party photo 2











The BridesMaid:Calli (sister of the bride)             The BridesMaid:Anna                      

Our Bridal Party photo 3Our Bridal Party photo 4


Best Man (Brother of the Groom): Zack               Best Man (Brother of the Groom): Josh

Our Bridal Party photo 5Our Bridal Party photo 6

Usher: Friedrich                                                           Usher: Michael

Our Bridal Party photo 7Our Bridal Party photo 8

Our Flower Girl: Alexandria (sister of the bride)

Our Bridal Party photo 9


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Adorable Favor Ideas photo 1Cheers To A Great TimeAdorable Favor Ideas photo 2

I found these favor's online and automatically fell in love with them. They are something that you know people will use either way! And its a way to mark your special day and signature on them! What I love also about this is it does not cost an arm and a leg for them! I found them for $3.50- $4.50 a person and $30.00 for the customization fee for all of them:) Also the Margarita Mix is adorable! Its something fun for everyone to take home that they can make on a hot summer day while they are bbqing!!!

Adorable Favor Ideas photo 3