Oct 25, 2008

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I gave a negative review for someone on this website, Dr. Michelle Gamm, and her response was full of lies. Here is her response:

This lady was referred to me from a wedding that I performed last year. She demanded that I give her a free meeting and I let her know that the $200 wedding package does not include a meeting. I let her know that I would be happy to perform her wedding ceremony for $200 or she could upgrade to my $350 wedding package which includes the meeting and rehearsal. I tried working with her on multiple occasions but, she still demanded a free meeting. I e-mailed her some wedding information and tried working with her again by doing a phone or online meeting. She then canceled and demanded that I return the non-refundable deposit. I had turned down business because, I had reserved the date and time specifically for her. Wedding vendors always require a non-refundable deposit which is standard to reserve that time. I have never required or will never require any bride or groom to sign a contract with me. I never told her that she had to pay me the full amount and never made her pay me the full amount. Our relationship was great until she demanded a free meeting at a later date.
Dr. Rev. Gamm

NOW, i found this lady on the internet, she was NOT a referral. She agreed to do the $200 wedding package AND a meeting if I put down an extra $50 dollars. I did so, and then changed my mind about her because she was not answering my calls and was making it difficult to meet. Here are the emails she sent me:

From: Michele Gamm <>
> Subject: Re: Fw: Re: Wedding Plans
> To:
> Date: Wednesday, September 10, 2008, 10:12 PM
> Ellen-
> Hi.  You are still required to pay the full package fee
> with wedding vendors even if you change your mind or decide
> to not get married.  I have turned down three weddings
> because your wedding was booked.  You are still required to
> pay the full package amount, $275. 
> I had a phone conversation with you this summer, then I
> e-mailed the wedding questions to you, I have sent many
> e-mails to you about planning your wedding, you e-mailed me
> back the answers to the questions, then you booked a
> meeting, and I tried setting a meeting time with you. 
> Even if I do not charge you for the full package amount, as
> stated above, I have three hours down for you between the
> phone conversation, e-mails, and planning of your wedding.
> My fee is $75 an hour so, as of right now your current fees
> are $225.  You have sent $125 so, I still need $100 from
> you. 
> I did return your call, I let you know what you needed to
> do right from the beginning about picking our readings and
> vows, and you never had to send me 4 e-mails for you to get
> me to reply back.  I have all of your e-mails saved and all
> of my e-mails saved as well which shows that what you are
> saying is not true.  I have always responded back to your
> e-mails. 
> Charges:
> Phone Converstion
> E-mailed you July 31
> E-mailed you Aug 2
> E-mailed you Aug 7
> E-mailed you again on Aug 7
> E-mailed you Aug 12
> E-mailed you again on Aug 12
> E-mailed you Aug 14
> E-mailed you Aug 16
> E-mailed you Aug 18
> E-mailed you Aug 20
> E-mailed you again on Aug 20
> Planned your wedding from the answers that you sent me   
> Thanks so much.
> Dr. Gamm   

From: Michele Gamm <>
Subject: Re: Former Wedding Plans
Date: Thursday, September 18, 2008, 1:03 PM


Please confirm your current address.  The church's lawyer has been
contacted at Shook, Hardy & Bacon and we will pursue you about your
non-payment and harasmment charges if you do not stop.  Sincerely.

Dr. Gamm

From: Michele Gamm <>
Subject: Re: Former Wedding Plans
Date: Thursday, September 18, 2008, 1:26 PM

Our lawyer has furthered advised us that we can show up at your wedding location
in order to collect on the full amount that you owe us.  We did not want to take
it this far but, you keep forcing our hand by your constant harassing phone
calls and e-mails.  We are giving you more chance to drop this all together or
we will have to takne necessary action. Please let us know.  

Dr. Gamm
From: Michele Gamm <>
Subject: Re: Former Wedding Plans
Date: Thursday, September 18, 2008, 1:36 PM

We will also contact your work, Clearwater Bay Marketing, and let them know
about your harassing calls from their work phone to the church made by you.  We
have all of the call records from Clearwater Bay Marketing and the messages that
you left from Clearwater Bay marketing which we could submit to your employer as
well.  Our lawyer is also looking into what we could do here as well.  Thanks.

Dr. Gamm   
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