Feb 23, 2013

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 We met about 4.5 years ago through a mutual friend on a random night out. We were friends for a year or so, honestly I ever imagined I would date him let alone marry him just cause it wasn´t there from the start I guess. We did click instantly and our chemistry was awesome. We shared our love for music and dancing and that really made our friendship so much cooler and fun!!

One day, his birthday, his best friend( our cupid) told me Cesar likes you and from then the courting began. I wasn´t sure cause it always made me nervous getting in a relationship, I`ve had 2 boyfriends including him so I was super careful. On Valentine´s day 2009 I had to work and had an exam at school so was pretty bitter about it. Next thing i know i get this huge gift delivered at work, a basket filled with chocolate covered strawberries and cookies with heart shaped sprinlkes, some flowers and ribbons, the whole nine yards. No one had ever done something like that for me, needless to say I had a stupid smile on my face all day!!!! He took me to dinner that night, asked me to be his girlfriend and there we shared our first kiss :D


Our relationship has had it´s share of ups and downs. For most of the first year we dated I was sick and spent it in and out of the hospital. I also dealt with an eating disorder that nearly destroyed my relationship not to mention my life. After 2 years it got tense and things got bad for many reasons so I decided to end it, I cried myself to sleep for days. But it was the best thing for both, we weren´t happy anymore. We kept running into each other at parties and events and it was very cordial and nice but that´s it. One day he showed up at work and asked me to dinner. He apologized for everythig and courted me for a month until we finally got back together. Less than 2 months later he started talking about getting married and about how it was meant to be. Not long after that my father got murdered and I went through the most horrible experience anyone can go through, but he was there every step of the way, every minute, every second. He was my rock and the one who got me through it, iIcouldn´t have made it without him. I knew then and there that there could never be anyone else, that he was my one and only and nothing would make me happier than to be his wife.