Sep 26, 2008

Renee Broughton Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
We booked Renee for our engagement and wedding photos. The photos turned out so well! We were happy with her work and she was great to work with. She made us feel comfortable, and because of that, you could see our true emotions in the pictures vs. a posed look. We just received our wedding albums, and they turned out so well! Renee took the time to walk me through the album layout and make all of the changes I asked within a timely manner. Not a knock on Renee, but I regret not having a "must take photo" list. There are a few family members who wern't in any pictures because I never gave Renee a heads up on what must have photos I wanted. So don't forget your "must take photo" list!
Services used: Photography

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
My husband and I booked American Limousine and Parking Services for our wedding on 9/26/08. We arranged for 2 pickups from a hotel in Brea to our wedding venue in Yorba Linda. The bridesmaids, parents, and bride were supposed to be picked up at 3:45 pm and the groomsmen and groom were supposed to be picked up at 4:30 pm. On 9/26, we were ready to be picked up by the pre-appointed time; however, the limo was not at the hotel at 3:45 pm. I had my husband call the limo driver to ask where he was, and the driver was nowhere near the hotel. In fact, the limo driver did not alert my husband or me that he would be late in picking us up. He never arrived for the bridesmaid and bride pickup; I was driven to the wedding venue in Yorba Linda in my mother-in-law's car and the rest of the bridal party took a hotel shuttle to the venue. The limo was about 15 minutes late in picking up the groom and groomsmen. We had arranged for the same limo to transport guests from the wedding venue back to the hotel from 10:00 pm - 12:00 am. My husband, my husband's parents, my parent's, and I were among the guests in the last pickup to the hotel at around 12:00 am. When the driver arrived to pick us up, he let us know that drinking glasses were thrown around the car and people were jumping out of the car while the car was in motion. He also told us that we would be charged for each glass broken (which is understandable). He was rude to my husband, the parents, and me during this time. Upon speaking to the other guests who used the limo before us, the story the limo driver told us was a complete lie. 1 glass was broken when it was being picked up (the bottom of the glass broke off when the guest was taking it out of the holder) and the driver started to drive off while people were still getting into the limo. The driver also would not let people take our centerpieces home with them (which we had previously discussed to the driver and he was okay with guests bringing flowers in the limo), and was rude downright nasty to our guests. We had about 15 guests confirm this. My husband worked out a deal with the driver that he would take off 1/2 hr. of service for missing the first bridal pickup (when the parents, my bridesmaids, and I were to be picked up at 3:45 pm and did not arrive for the pickup). However, he did not honor this agreement and charged us full price for his mistake. I would NOT recommend American Limousine and Parking Services for ANY event. He was rude to my husband, my parents and my inlaws, our guests, and me and did not compensate us for his mistake in not following through with our original contract. * 4/25/09 - I wanted to respond to the review that Lonnie Reynolds wrote. Lonnie, the bridal party was supposed to be at the ceremony site at 4:00pm, not you picking us up at 4:00pm. You never called or notified anyone that you would be running late. Traffic happens, but it should be your responsibility to show up on time or at least notify your clients that you'll be running late. People were not "jumping" out of the limo - you drove off while people were still trying to get in! Again, many folks had confirmed this. In regards to the champagne bottles, I asked that there be no champagne in the limo - you put them in there anyway. You didn't listen to our requests. Lastly - Lonnie, we were not happy with your attitude and service that night, you treated us and our guests with disrespect. When my guests wanted to bring flowers into the limo, which you didn't allow, you yelled at them. I had several guests come up to me and tell me about your rude behavior. Lonnie, it's not about a refund. I want you to stop making excuses, own up to your mistakes, and make sure that you don't treat future clients like you treated us.
Services used: Transportation

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My husband and I just had our wedding at Black Gold on 9/26/08 and it was wonderful! We couldn't be happier with how our wedding turned out at Black Gold. My husband and I had originally booked our wedding in Jan. '08 and first met with Julie, the wedding coordinator. If my husband or I had any misc. questions, we would call Julie and she was very helpful and receptive. When we had our rehearsal on 9/24/08, we were informed a week prior that we'd have help from an additional coordinator, Megan. Megan was in charge of our rehearsal and did an excellent job. When I arrived at Black Gold on my wedding day, Megan met me and was in charge of fixing my dress and working with the photographer on getting me to various locations for pictures. We had a bridal suite set up that was filled with drinks for my bridesmaids and me. Megan was very accommodating in any request my bridesmaids, the parents, or I had. Julie worked with my husband on any requests he or his groomsman had. The ceremony went without a hitch and the reception was awesome! All of our decor requests were met and our coordinators Julie and Megan worked with our DJ, florist, and baker so we did not have to go through any coordinating the day of our wedding. The chef met us during cocktail hour to personally meet with us to discuss the appetizers our guests and our bridal party were enjoying. While we had chosen a specific appetizer for the cocktail hour, the chef decided to try out a new recipe on us (which we didn't know until we met with the chef). We were happy that he did- his appetizers were amazing! The coordinators Megan & Julie were constantly checking up on us and refilling our drinks. The chef personally met with most of our guests (we are not sure if he had met with everyone) to check up on how the food was tasting. The food- the food was AMAZING! I have never received so many compliments on how great the food was. We served 3 options: filet mignon with red wine sauce and french fried onions, grilled Chilean sea bass with cilantro butter sauce, and vegetable wellington. Our side dishes were twice baked potato and green beans & carrots. We had a spinach salad with balsamic as our salad. We also had a chocolate fountain and coffee bar. The chef was also very nice to send us off with two dinners in case we didn't have time to eat during the reception. I would HIGHLY recommend Black Gold to everyone who is planning a wedding. Not only are the views spectacular (we got married during sunset), the staff was outstanding, and the food was to die for. Black Gold exceeded all of our expectations!
Services used: Wedding Venue

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
We used Rockwell's Creative Cakes as a part of a package plan with our wedding venue, Black Gold Golf Club in Yorba Linda for our wedding on 9/26/08. We were pleasantly surprised of how well the cake looked and tasted. We met with Rockwell's in March '08 and chose on a design and flavor. A few months later, I decided I didn't like the design and my husband didn't like the flavors we chose. We went back to Rockwell's and chose a specific design and new flavors (red velvet with cream cheese and chocolate with banana). The cake was so delicious and our design and flavor changes were met. The people we worked with at Rockwell's were very nice and accommodating. I definitely recommend Rockwell's Creative Cakes for any event, not just a wedding. My sister-in-law had her 30th birthday party in Sept. of '08 and had a Rockwell's cake. She received so many compliments on how great the cake was.
Services used: Wedding Cake