May 16, 2009

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The look I am going for, vintage 40s Hollywood chic. I will include ivory & platinum satin & diamond accents.



The Dress Shoes Jewerly photo 1im000057_1222030364

The Dress Shoes Jewerly photo 2


 The Dress Shoes Jewerly photo 3

Thanks to esty I will have my dream jewelry, $500.00 & I will get it for $50.00 .If you would like to use her she under Maylui Designs

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 I have a wonderful sister that is a make up artist; we will be using MAC products (once you go MAC you won’t go back)

Make up photo 1 


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May 16 2009 will be exactly 4 years we have been together, of all places we met online. We chatted on the phone for a few weeks and decided we had too much in common so we had to meet. We set a date and time and hit it off when we met in person. We have been together ever since, we now have a daughter Sidney that was born Jan. 2 2008. She’s in love with him and he’s in love with her, I have to say that’s his little princess.

We married on 05/16/09, it was beautiful, romantic, intimate everything I could imagine. The doors open & it was like the paparazzi (lol), my dad walked me down the aisle as I cried. (I always wonder if I would criy, I was so emotional) Pics & video should be post in a week stay tuned...


I had a hair appt at 6am and ended up waking up at 6:30. I rushed to the hair dressers and by the time I got there I had 6 girls in front of me including another bride. So I knew I was screwed, I sat for hours waiting for my turn. In the mean time my phone was ringing off the hook, Hubby was complaining about dropping things off to the venue. I was so stressed with things not being done due to me waiting on my hair to be done & the fussiness I broke down and cried right there in front of everyone while my hair dresser did my hair. The stress hit me & hard....

My BM were all waiting on me to check into the hotel for the makeup artist to do the makeup & I was stuck at the shop, so about 2pm I called the hotel & put the room in my girl friend’s name so she could check in for me (problem solved) and I finally left the dang hair dresser after sitting & waiting 7 hours.

So let’s forward a bit, hubby couldn't fit everything on his truck so he took what he could & I rushed home grabbed the kids & rest of the items, dress, etc & rushed to the venue & dropped everything off. I rushed to the hotel, by this time I am worn out & not happy.

Finally I get to the hotel & see all my BMs; I give them their gift bags which they love (big hit). They started to cry & then I cried, it was an emotional moment.  So it’s time to head to the venue, it took valet 30 mins to get the cars (The Hilton) horrible valet service.

We arrive at the venue and the first person I see is my step mom and she starts to cry so I start to cry. My dad was standing in his tux & handed me his hanky. We practiced our walk right before it was my moment. It was time, the doors open & soon as I walk in the room I started crying again. All could see was flashes of lights from the cameras, when I looked around I couldn't believe my eyes the set up was beautiful. It was beyond my inspirations, thanks to two fellow PWers Amy & Lynn they set up the venue & it was beautiful! Let me tell you these to wonderful ladies were awesome! I will be writing a review for them...

We looked into each other’s eyes and whispered to each other, I was in love all over again... It was really special... I couldn’t believe all the guest were there for us.

Everything was perfect, the food was tasty, the cake was beautiful, and my live band was awesome! The vocalist did our first song; it was like we were the only two in the room for the moment.

I did forget a few things like the flutes, the thank you signs but none of that mattered... My video guy was awesome, he made sure he taped everything; the photog followed us the whole day & did a wonderful job...


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My wedding will be held at Georgia Tech 

Wedding Reception photo 1


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