Aug 16, 2014

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We had our civil ceremony last month! It was great! Just us and his parents. They were our witnesses. It is now full speeed ahead with our summer wedding planning! I am so happy!!

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So I finally made it to the US last week!! My FI and I can FINALLY tie the knot and start our lives together! I am super exicted!! It is a BIG change though. Leaving 87 degree weather and moveing to -2 degrees in a matter of hours. With snow fall and having to shovel the driveway on my first day!!! That was some welcome!

I am happy though. Missed M sooo much. It feels so good to be in his arms again. Let the wedding preparations begin!!


Merry Christmas y'all



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Testing the Colours photo 1


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I LOVE LOVE daisies!! So that's what I'll be using mostly!! Here are some ideas that i like :)


For me

Bouquet Inspiration photo 1


Bouquet Inspiration photo 2Bouquet Inspiration photo 3



Bouquet Inspiration photo 4

Bouquet Inspiration photo 5

FI bout

Bouquet Inspiration photo 6Bouquet Inspiration photo 7



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The Warner Castle and Sunken Garden in Rochester. It looks Beautiful and perfect for me. I asked FI to check it out and give me an opinion.

their website:

I Really Really Like This Venue photo 1

This is the castle!!

I Really Really Like This Venue photo 2

and the gorgeous garden!!

pics courtesy

I just fell in love with it when I saw the pics!

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I live on a Caribbean Island called St. Lucia and my fiance is from Rochester, NY. My birthday present from him this year was a one week visit. I really thought that he would've proposed to me on my birthday especially when he asked that we have a picnic on the beach. A very private beach at that. However I was wrong. the end of his vist drew nearer and nothing! I gave up. I was so disappointed. I had never been wrong about him before.

On the day of his flight back to NY we had to leave early because we had a lunch date with a friend of mine who had come for a visit from Philadelphia the day before. She is getting married in December!! We had a great lunch and conversation at a restaurant right on the beach next to the airport and then I went to the airport with him to say goodbye :(

After checking in he asked that we go find somewhere to sit away from the crowd while we waited for his flight. I didn't think anyhting of it because neither of us like crowds. We found a quiet area on the top floor that is no longer in use an sat down waiting and talking, both of us trying not to be too sad that we are going to be apart again.

That when he asked. About 45 minutes after we first sat down. He was so nervous. He didn't do the whole down on one knee and take my hand thing though. We we sitting side by side and with his arm around me he gave a beautiful speech and promised to spend his whole life doing all he could to make me happy. The he asked if I'd marry him and I said yes! :)

Then he put the ring in the palm of my hand! lol...He was really nervous!!

My ringHe Asked photo 1