Jan 30, 2012

TinaMolina Events
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Where do I begin…

Everything started out great. About a year and a few months before my wedding (right after I got engaged), I was scouring theknot.com for a day of coordinator and stumbled upon rave reviews for Christina Molina Events. She was a knot.com pick and everyone who had used her seemed more than pleased with her services. My future sister-in-law had even considered using her for her wedding. I visited her website and actually got some feedback from other knotties who had used her, reassuring me that she was fantastic. I emailed her with a few basic questions and she was quick to respond. I decided that I would go with her and made the deposit and signed the necessary contract for her Day Of Services.

As the month of my wedding began to approach, I became a bit concerned that I had not heard from her. About a month and half out I emailed her, asking if we could discuss some of the things for the wedding. Per her contract, we were allowed 2 in person meetings and however much contact we needed via email/phone. She told me that she normally doesn’t work with/meet those who book her just Day Of services until 30 days or less of the event. I found this to be a bit strange, but I figured she knew what she was doing and said okay. I ended up contacting her about 30 days out to go over details and explained her to that we would be traveling two weeks before the wedding so I would prefer to get as much ironed out in advance as possible. We tried to set up a time to meet together but between her location in northern Los Angeles and my location in Orange County we weren’t able to compromise. She suggested that we do a phone call instead and I said okay. We scheduled a date and time. On that date and time I called her and it went straight to voicemail. I tried two more times before I finally left a voicemail. About five minutes after I left a voicemail she called me back, saying that because my number wasn’t one she recognized, she didn’t pick up. I found this to be a bit strange because she knew we were going to have a call at that particular time on that particular day. We went over the details for the day of timeline and she asked if I had any other questions. I asked her a few things and she said that she would need my list of vendors and that once she got that she would compile everything and send it to me. After we got off the phone I promptly send her my vendor list. That same evening I also emailed her a few times with questions and things that I wanted to add to the timeline. Over the next few days I sent her a few more emails with more details. I sent probably about 10 emails and got 2 responses, which where short, few word answers. She failed to answer any of the actual questions I had.

I waited for 5 days for the timeline and for responses to the other questions. During this time, my site coordinator for the reception emailed Christina and introduced herself and also asked for the day of timeline so that she could finish the work she needed to do. Christina did not respond. Finally on the afternoon of the 5th day I was pretty annoyed. I called my fiancé and asked him to reach out to her. He called her multiple times in a row and it went to voicemail, unevenly at times showing that she was screening her calls. He left a voicemail and asked her to call him back. She then proceeded to call him back. He asked why she hadn’t responded to the emails and she said that she hadn’t gotten most of the emails and that they must have gone to spam. First, I didn’t have any of the emails bounce back. Second, unless she marked my email address as spam, why would they go there if they were normal correspondences with no attachments?

We made the decision not to use her for the day of coordination anymore because it felt like she would be more of a headache than a helpful person. When my fiancé informed her of this she was defensive (which I’m not really surprised at).

After reading the contract again we came to the realization that she probably didn’t want to meet more than 30 days out because once you are within 30 days of the wedding you are contractually bound to pay her the remaining balance. In addition to this I have searched and searched the internet for the original great posts on theknot.com and her event website and all of them have vanished. The check that we had originally made out to her was to her event company and the final one that we have to send to her she wants made out as check to her, not her business. This leads me to believe that her company has dissolved and that she is out of business.

As a client, I am really, really, really disappointed in her professionalism and her service. She should have the decency to be upfront with her clients about what is going on and if she can’t provide adequate service, she should cancel her contract and refund the money.

In addition, I am also a professional in the wedding industry and I have never worked with someone like her nor do I ever hope to. This post is more of a warning to other brides out there who are looking to hire a day of coordinator. Check up with your vendors and go with your instincts. The moment you feel uneasy or feel that something isn’t right, voice your worries. It’s your day and you should feel confident and reassured that everyone you have hired is going to do their job to the fullest. I hope that no other brides have to go through what I have.
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