Sep 06, 2009

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Coquette or in French, coquet. Stylish, pretty, clever, and often flirty.

We at Coquette Events consider ourselves to be a mix of all of the above. With a keen sense of style and approachable personalities, we pride ourselves in our ability to appeal to clients with different needs and backgrounds.

It is with much excitement that Drerenee and I finally combined our shared entrepreneurial spirit and love for fabulous parties together via Coquette Events.

As we embark on the journey of building our new business, we will document the adventure and inspirations here on our blog. We hope that you will love the findings as we do and always feel welcome to share your comments with us!


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Just a few things I learned during the wedding planning process ....

1. Make sure you and FI are on the same page in terms of what kind of wedding you want ... destination? small and intimate? big party? Also, make sure that if there are any religious or cultural traditions, that those are discussed early on and together you decide which traditions will be followed.  This will avoid any misunderstandings during planning.  Throughout the planning process, make sure you keep open lines of communication with your FI, parents, FIL's.  Not all sides will be able to help, but if they're kept in the loop, they will feel involved and not try to add something at the last minute or get mad that something was left out.

2. Stick to your guns!  No matter what, do what YOU (and your FI) want to do.  I knew that photobooths were getting played out and not a current 2009 trend and that candy bars were passe, but I'm glad I stuck to my original plans and had both a candy buffet and a photobooth.  I had so much fun designing my buffet - from decorating the jars, to buying all of my yellow candy to making my favor tags.  Most of my guests had never seen a photobooth before and it was a huge hit at my wedding!!  Even our parents friends took a few pics inside!

3. Get a DOC!!!  They are truly invaluable on the big day!  No matter how organized, thorough and together you are, there will still be things that come up.  No matter how big or small, your DOC will take care of it!  If vendors have questions, they can ask the DOC.  If the set-up needs to be slightly adjusted, the DOC can handle it.  If you're running behind schedule, the DOC will help you get back on track.  In the beginning, I doubted that I would need one.  My venue had an event manager, I had 4 BM's, and I'm super organized and Type A.  But, I cannot express how grateful I am that I had a DOC. 

4. Do your BEST to stick to your budget ... and don't forget to factor in tax and gratuity!  This is one thing I did not factor into my budget ... tax on all my vendor services.  Luckily, I still stayed relatively close to my budget.  The one thing that threw me over was adding a videographer at the last minute.  So, while I know that I didn't actually stay within my budget, I am very glad I decided to add video.  So I guess a caveat to this rule is that if you can afford to add something and it's that important to you, then I say go for it!  You only get married once, right??  To the extent you can, share items with other brides.  I shared my uplighting, cake topper, rsvp card holder, votives, candy jars and some other items with fellow PW girls and that definitely helped keep my budget down.

5. Do as much as you can as early as you can ... don't procrastinate!  I wanted to be semi-relaxed and rested the week before my wedding.  I stressed this to DH early on that I wanted everything done 2 weeks prior to the wedding.  We pretty much accomplished this goal.  The week before, we were doing little things ... packing up the decor, packing our luggage, tidying up, etc ... I'm so grateful I got this done because we had 2 mini-firedrills pop up the week before and I probably would've been a basket case had I still had to do DIY stuff. 

6. Make sure you take a moment to soak it all in and just enjoy yourself! This is your wedding day ... a once in a lifetime event, so don't worry about the centerpieces or if you're 5 minutes late.  ENJOY yourself and just revel in the magical day.

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All designed & photographed by DH.

Other Paper Goods photo 1

Table Names - we named our tables after the various neighborhoods in San Francisco

Other Paper Goods photo 2

Escort Cards - since these were placed at each setting, we didn't have to specify a table name on the card.  Thus, we were able to keep the look a bit cleaner.

Other Paper Goods photo 3

Favor Tags - these were at the candy buffet and to be used to close up the bags of candy.

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Processional - instrumental version of Make you Feel My Love - Adele
Bridal Entrance - Canon in D
Recessional - instrumental of Love Story - Taylor Swift (John Schmidt's rendition)

Bridal Party Entrance - California Love - 2Pac
First Dance - You Are The Best Thing - Ray LaMontagne
Cake Cutting - L.O.V.E. - Michael Buble
Bouquet Toss - Single Ladies - Beyonce
Garter Toss - I Don't Wanna Be A Player No More - Big Pun
Parent Dances - I'll Be There - Jackson 5
Last Dance - September - Earth Wind and Fire

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Wedding Day Details photo 1Wedding Day Details photo 2Wedding Day Details photo 3

Wedding Day Details photo 4Wedding Day Details photo 5Wedding Day Details photo 6

Wedding Day Details photo 7Wedding Day Details photo 8

Wedding Day Details photo 9Wedding Day Details photo 10

Wedding Day Details photo 11Wedding Day Details photo 12Wedding Day Details photo 13

 Wedding Day Details photo 14Wedding Day Details photo 15

Wedding Day Details photo 16Wedding Day Details photo 17Wedding Day Details photo 18

Wedding Day Details photo 19Wedding Day Details photo 20Wedding Day Details photo 21

Wedding Day Details photo 22Wedding Day Details photo 23Wedding Day Details photo 24

Because I'm obsessed with my candy bar, a few more non-pro pics of the display

Wedding Day Details photo 25Wedding Day Details photo 26

Wedding Day Details photo 27Wedding Day Details photo 28

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Here are a few images of my Chinese gown (Cheong sam) and our Tea Ceremony. 
(all images by Anna Kuperberg)

Tea Ceremony Pro Pics photo 1Tea Ceremony Pro Pics photo 2  Tea Ceremony Pro Pics photo 3

Tea Ceremony Pro Pics photo 4Tea Ceremony Pro Pics photo 5

Tea Ceremony Pro Pics photo 6                   Tea Ceremony Pro Pics photo 7

Tea Ceremony Pro Pics photo 8Tea Ceremony Pro Pics photo 9

Tea Ceremony Pro Pics photo 10Tea Ceremony Pro Pics photo 11

Tea Ceremony Pro Pics photo 12Tea Ceremony Pro Pics photo 13

Tea Ceremony Pro Pics photo 14