Sep 14, 2013

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I would like it set up like so:

Ceremony Pizazz photo 1

but instead of chairs:

Ceremony Pizazz photo 2

Flower Girls throwing (but sheet music instead):

Ceremony Pizazz photo 3

Aisle lined with:

Ceremony Pizazz photo 4

Sign at Ceremony seating entrance:

Ceremony Pizazz photo 5

Altar Inspiration (being made by dad):

Ceremony Pizazz photo 6

But instead of the things that are dangling in the picture have mason jars with fairy berries in them to light up the altar.

Something like this (but with lights instead of flowers in water, obv.):

Ceremony Pizazz photo 7

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Ok, I'll start with the men. Since I don't really know too much about what's going on with them, this will have the Band Aid effect. Quick and painless.

Strike a Pose photo 1

They will be dressed as such, but Beard will be wearing black pants with a grey vest/tie. The groomsmen will be also wearing black pants with grey suspenders and I'm assuming a grey tie.

Strike a Pose photo 2

I am using a convertible dress for the ladies because well, my MOH/BMs are all so so different not only in personality but also in body shape. The dresses will be black, and can wear them any way they choose. I figured this was best so while each is different there is still some consistancy.

They also have the option of using a bandeau, though not required. I only asked that they use either charcoal grey or butter yellow.

Strike a Pose photo 3Strike a Pose photo 4

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After a lot of searching, and a lot of stress. I returned to the original designer I had wanted to deal with. Could be more excited (Chandler Bing moment)?? So without ado, here she is!!

My Pink Lady photo 1


I am adding a couple of custome elements to her so that she really screams Michelle.

I will be adding a sweetheart neckling, a la this bride:

My Pink Lady photo 2

And also a peekaboo petticoat like this bride:

My Pink Lady photo 3

Not sure if you can really make it out all that well, but it is black polkadots on black.

Now off to find deadly shoes!

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So, I'm not sure when exactly it happened, but I'm sure it wasn't long after having Isla. What, you ask? I have become a miser, tight, thrifty, a penny pincher...enough with the pleasantness. I'm cheap. I'll admit to using a coupon or twelve on occasion. Maybe I dabble in price matching. Although it has it's rewards, to be completely honest, I'm a little embarrassed about it.Though it was down right negligent, my life used to consist of wanting something and just going out and buying it. Since not only being with Beard, but having two little ones so quickly, this has obviously drastically changed. I've become one of those mom's that hhmm and ha over a shirt I like for an hour, put it in my cart only to think of something the girls could "use more" and put it back.

That being said, I love creating (thank god) and tying that with my um, "money conciousness", I will be doing a lot of DIYs. Currently I am in the process of making both our guest book and my bouquet.

This is the inspiration behind my guest book:

Cheap Ass Crafty B tch photo 1


And what I have accomplished thus far:

Cheap Ass Crafty B tch photo 2

Bouquet Inspiration:

Cheap Ass Crafty B tch photo 3

But through brooches in there as well. I don't have any pics of the work done thus far because it looks silly not all put together. Sooo you'll just have to wait.

Centre Piece Inspiration:

Cheap Ass Crafty B tch photo 4

Sitting on old records.

Cheap Ass Crafty B tch photo 5

I'll have a couple of signs to make but instead of just plain wood, I am upcycling two old single headboards that are at my parents' house.

We are having an evening wedding, so we figured we would have something to light the aisle. We had just assumed to just candles, but I was really really doubting it, mostly because of safety...than I found these!

Aisle Liner (?) Inspiration:

Cheap Ass Crafty B tch photo 6

Though they will be lined differently.

Garter Inspiration:

Cheap Ass Crafty B tch photo 7

(which reminds me...I actually meant to bring my elastic home this weekend, eff.)

We are also DIYing our favors. I had figured I would do jelly's, especially because my mom makes specialty jellies for a living. That being said, I was talking to my dad's friend the other day (borrowed the red paint from him) and they have been to three, yes 3, weddings in the past month and they have all had jelly favors. I'm not too sure.

More to come later, I'm sure :)

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When I met Scott (aka Beard) it was about 2 years after my last serious relationship, and though I wanted another relationship, I definitely wanted to ease into it. We dated off and on for a couple of months until we started to see each other exclusively. I had brought him to my brother's highschool graduation & to meet my parents when I fell ill (nothing serious). So, it being a weekend, I made my way to our little hospital. I had been waiting for far FAR too long, ready to leave when the Doctor finally walked in and said, "So, I assume you know you're pregnant."


...Nope. I sure didn't.


My birth control had failed because I had been on anti-biotics for strept throat. So, that being said, our lives have basically been a mirror to the movie "Knocked Up". We decided to still take things slow, just because we were having a baby together, if one of us really despised the other, we would break-up before it affected our child.

Well, that obviously didn't happen! In the time that we have been together I have never laughed so much and felt so loved. We have welcomed two beautiful daughters & so many amazing memories.

Little Ditty Bout photo 1Little Ditty Bout photo 2Little Ditty Bout photo 3Little Ditty Bout photo 4