Sep 19, 2009

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Yesterday, I picked up a nice little package from SugarBelle's Bakery in Glastonbury, Connecticut.  It contained two small cakes (one chocolate, one vanilla) and fillings (orange buttercream, orange curd, chocolate truffle) and a few samples of fondant.  I unpacked everything and set it out for Chris and I to taste.  It was AMAZING!!!! The fondant was also VERY good - sugary and sweet without being obnoxious on the tongue.  We have decided to have a "centerpiece" cake - one cake per table that will serve 10 guests.  Each cake will be vanilla with the fillings of orange curd and chocolate truffle - it really made a fabulous combination.  Here are some pics from our "home" tasting.  They Take the Cake photo 1They Take the Cake photo 2They Take the Cake photo 3

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On Saturday (same day as the e-pics and a day after I asked my honey to marry me), my sister (MOH) and two flower girls (niece and step-daughter) went to try on dresses.  Nothing for the little ones, but SCORE for my sister.  Below is the dress...the colors will be pale blue for the dress and a black sash.  The dress looked like absolute perfection.  No pics of her in it, but will have some when the dress comes in.  I am wicked excited. The dress is from the Wtoo collection from Watters and was only $220.  My maid of honor is my sister and she is in the middle.

Maid of Honor Dress is Ordered photo 1Maid of Honor Dress is Ordered photo 2

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I decided to propose to my honey on Friday night.  He was going to be home at about 8:30, so I cooked a special dinner, sprinkled rose petals on the table, bought him a mushy card and a red velvet cupcake from SugarBelle's in Glastonbury, Connecticut. They are the bakery that we will be using for our wedding cakes and he has been coveting their red velvet cupcake since we first visited the place.

He got home a little early, so I ordered him to march upstairs while I finished setting up.  I wrapped the ring in a post-it note that read "Will you marry me" and put it in the cupcake box.  He was so cute when he first saw the table, his face lit up and he couldn't get the smile off his face.  I love to make him smile. 

After dinner, I let him open his card first and then at the bottom it read "now you can open your surprise".  He saw the crumpled up post-it, opened it and was speechless. He asked "is this really an engagement ring?" "of course I said".  He put it on and YUCK, it was too big.  Anyway, I have already ordered a smaller size and will ship the other one back today.  But the ring being too big did NOT stop him from wearing it all weekend and during our e-pics on Saturday at the beach. AND I would catch him staring at his hand...It was soooo cute.  It reminded me of myself when he first gave me my engagement ring.  I couldn't stop looking at it!

This is by far for me one of the happiest times of my life (second to my son being born of course) and I love sharing it with you all.

I Proposed To My Honey photo 1I Proposed To My Honey photo 2I Proposed To My Honey photo 3I Proposed To My Honey photo 4

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If you read my last post, I had finally picked out my lovely dress - the beautiful Maggie Sottero Capri Royale.  Well, today I went in for measurements, tried the dress on, took pics and ordered it.  It took about 15 minutes, so this post will not take long.  I will let the pictures tell the story for me.  I'm so excited and can't wait until it comes in.  And now, wedding eye candy.  I have tons more pics and they can be viewed on my bio. 

Dress Is Ordered FAB Pics Attached photo 1

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A few days ago, I went to two bridal salons to try and find my wedding dress.  I had a post some time ago about being a two dress bride because the first dress that I bought at David's Bridal was definitely not the one. 

My mom came with me and I had it in my mind that I was going to budget $1,500.  I tried on 5 dresses at the first shop that we went to.  The dresses were gorgeous and my mom and I put two dresses on our list.  BUT, I wanted to make sure that I didn't make the same mistake that I made before and buy a dress too quickly. Besides, I had another appointment later that same day at another shop.

Fast forward a few hours later and I am trying some of the most gorgeous dresses I have ever seen, including several Maggie Sottero dresses.  I tried on about 15 dresses and only 1 was a definite NO!  The very first one that I tried on was the Mona Lisa by Maggie Sottero - my stars - this was the holy grail of dresses.  I felt like a fairy princess and twice as beautiful.  My mom's jaw hit the floor and we both knew that this was it, but of course I had 14 more dresses to go. I put on each one with less enthusiasm.  Although the dresses were beautiful, none compared to the Mona Lisa.

And then....The Capri Royale happened.  I put it on and felt like a bride.  The sample was in taffeta which I absolutely adore.  I flowed just right.  It felt like heaven on earth.  My mom and I looked at each other and just knew.  Bye bye Mona Lisa....HELLOOOOO Capri Royale.  And the price???? HA- pish posh on $1,500, try $850. Major score and I was so happy! 

In a few days, I go back for measurements and to actually order my dress in ivory in all its glory.  After that, I will probably age 50 years with impatience just waiting for that taffeta lusciousness to arrive. And without further ado...here is my baby, who I have affectionately nicknamed "the heart stopper".

My Baby My Love Finally My Dress photo 1

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I am a sugar junkie.  I could eat candy and cakes all day, but I'd rather not look like a hot air balloon, so I keep myself on a tight leash.  In two weeks, Chris and I will be going to not one, but TWO (Sweet Lord in Heaven) bakeries for tastings.  Yum-Yum!  We will be having cake for breakfast and then again in the middle of the afternoon.  I am sure that I will have a permanent smile on my face. 

My new favorite reality show is "Amazing Wedding Cakes" on the WE channel.  It comes on at 10:00 p.m. on Sundays.  There are three shops that are highlighted: Cakes Girls in Chicago, Cake Divas in LA and Cake Atelier in NY.  Each week, the shops work on a cake for a wedding, engagement, etc. from start to finish so that the viewer can see the process.  The one thing that concerns me above all is that it takes a few DAYS to finish a cake which means the cake is not baked the day OF the event, but rather 2-3 days before.  I am sure that the cakes will be fresh at the tastings, so I don't think that it will be an accurate portrayal of what we will be getting. 

Below is the type of cake(s) that we want.  At our venue, there is no kitchen, so it would be difficult to have the cake cut.  Individual cakes would just be neater.

I will update you after the tasting and hopefully have some pictures as well.