Sep 19, 2009

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I may not have a degree in interior design, but I have an "eye" for these things.  For my wedding, there are certain things that I will be doing myself and/or have help from my sister (MOH) and future in-laws.  We have lots of girls, so of course, they are wicked excited to put ribbons on things, etc. (:

Some of the projects that I have decided to DIY are the programs, the calligraphy on the escort cards, the centerpieces and the escort card table decorations.  I chose not to have flowers because of the expense and because most brides have told me that people don't really pay attention.  I also wanted something a little more organic.  My centerpiece will consist of white vases from Ikea (3-4 per table) with branches.  Each vase is $1.99 which is a steal.  I am not certain if I am going to use candles in tea light holders or fill the holders with blue "glass" yet, so that's still up in the air.  I want to go for a modern feel so I will also be having square or rectangle tables at the art gallery.  I am really hoping that I can fit square tables because I want to have a more intimate feel at each table. 

The escort cards are easy enough and I only have to buy a few black calligraphy pens and put some good music on because that is going to take me a little time.  The escort card table will have a manzanita tree either purchased in white or spray painted while with a little bit of glitter and hanging crystals. 

The programs will be purchased from The Paper Source.  The PS has a kit that you can personalize in several different ways.  You just need a printer and some time.  I love the fact that you can make it all your own which is the reason that I am opting to buy the supplies and make them instead of buying them from a printer. I will also save some money.

Things like the favors (clear boxes with M&M's in my colors: baby blue, black and white) will be purchased and then put together. The good thing about the art gallery where our ceremony and reception will take place is that it is a blank canvas, so I will be getting hanging Japanese lanterns and white lights to add some "mood" around the space.

Here are some pics that were my inspiration...DIY v Store Bought photo 1DIY v Store Bought photo 2

DIY v Store Bought photo 3DIY v Store Bought photo 4


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Hello all! I realized yesterday that I went right into the planning process without sharing how my honey and I met. We both attend an accelerated adult's program to earn our bachelor's degree in Business Management.  We "met" for the first time in August 2007 in class.  Each person was asked to introduce themselves.  I remember thinking that he was attractive, but when he said that he was living with his girlfriend and daughter, I was like "next"! Well, time goes by and I find myself getting more and more attracted to him.  I never approached him because he was living with someone and I am NOT that type of girl.  So every time he would be in front of the class talking, I would not really look at him for fear of staring.  He is extremely intelligent and has a great, sexy voice, so you can imagine how I felt almost every time in class.  Later, I found out that he was doing the exact same thing and would actually stare at me during class. 

The month: February...the year...2008 and I get an e-mail from him.  He needs legal advice and I work at a law firm.  It pays to have connections! LOL! I got him a referral, but we kept on e-mailing.  Now even at this point knowing that his relationship with his then girlfriend was over, I did not think anything of it.  Talk about naive, right!!!???  One day he says that he has a meeting near my neck of the woods and do I know of any great places to eat lunch.  Of course, I say. And then I get brave, I eat my spinach and feel invincible: I can join you if you're comfortable.  He says that he would love the company. Ok, still being naive!

The day that we go to lunch, there was a snow storm.  I remember thinking YUCK, I would never ask him to drive down here about 1/2 hour to take me to lunch.  I even got dressed up and I was nervous - the butterflies in my stomach were working overtime.  He said that he didn't mind picking me up for lunch.  I knew then that he must really like me.  What kind of person would drive in a snow storm for lunch???? It wasn't like it was a date or anything - The word of the day people is NAIVE! (:

Lunch was great and the conversation was wonderful.  I was nervous and didn't make too much eye contact.  I could feel that he was nervous as well.  The next day, he asked me out on a Saturday night.  Finally, my brain understood - we liked each other.  Things only got better from there - we went to dinner, museums, movies and just hung out.  We talked and laughed and a little piece of my heart was being lost to him with each passing day.  I would come into work and have a nice e-mail waiting for me. He would have flowers sent to my office and bring flowers to my house.  His kisses send me into orbit and his smile can stop time. 

I always believed that there is someone out there for EVERYONE.  I was losing hope after being alone for 8 years and wondered if I even believed that anymore.  My honey has proved that true love exists and that all those years of being alone was leading me to him and vice versa.  In a little less than one year, I will marry my love and I can't wait. 

The Beginning of Bliss photo 1

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Even before I received my ring, I was already scouting potential locations for our ceremony and reception.  The magazine, Connecticut Bride, is great because it lists venues and the price point, which helps brides-to-be sift through what they can and CANNOT afford without having to make numerous calls and numerous visits to places that will never make the cut.  I found a potential location near the water where you get a wedding coordinator, cake, food, alcohol, and decorations.  My fiance and I visited the venue which was breathtaking! I cannot describe to you in words how utterly gorgeous, utterly beautiful and just plain OMG this place was.  We visited on a gorgeous sunny day and there were 5 weddings in progress that day.  The ceremony would take place on the grass in front of the beach and we would have a closed off area for the cocktail hour.  The consultant then showed up the room that we would have for our reception and the setup as well.  We are having a small wedding compared to some (only 75 people) and unfortunately would be restricted to a Sunday wedding because of this.  Overall, the place was just what we were looking for.  We knew then and there that we wanted to book this place for the happiest day of our lives.

A few weeks passes, we received the contract and were about to send out the $1,400 deposit necessary to hold the date.  But I get ahead of myself - let's rewind to about one week after we first saw "the place".  I kept telling my fiance that I was not happy with the set-up - way too traditional for my taste.  I am a very modern girl, love minimalist design and hate chair covers with bows!  My complaints got more and more frequent.  Well, fast forward to about 3 days before we were going to send our deposit in.  I e-mailed an art gallery in Hartford, Connecticut which is known for its eclectic tastes - Real Art Ways or RAW for shortThe Venue photo 1.  I had been there many years before, but loved the space.  I had checked online but found no information for space rental.  I took my chances and e-mailed them.  I received a response that YES, they do rent their space, and YES, the hospitality manager (LB) would be available to meet with us within the next few days.  YIPPEE. I was way too excited and when I saw the prices - Ca-Ching! EVEN BETTER!!!  It was only $250 per hour as opposed to the almost $1,000 per hour we would be paying at our other choice. 

We were both extremely excited because having a wedding at an art gallery is different and modern.  When we walked in, we were floored - the place was amazing with exposed brick and gorgeous art on the wall.  It had a very hippy, but modern vibe, wonderful mood lighting and this overall "I'm wicked cool" feel about it.  We both knew that we wanted it, but we were patient.  Well, fast forward to today and we have booked the art gallery - our ceremony will take place in their cinema on the stage and the reception will take place in their main gallery space.  Our guests will be able to gawk at the art and just hang out all among an awesome, cool and warm backdrop.  We couldn't be happier and our wallet is that much more happy because we saved over $6,000. 

More on the decoration of the space to come, so stick around...

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When my honey and I started talking about getting married, the first thing that I thought about was "who will my bridesmaids be?"  I have a very small circle of friends, but I already knew who those special ladies would be.  My sister, who is my maid of honor, my best friend, L, my "work" best friend, J, and two of my closest friends, E and A.  I wanted to come up with a special way of asking them to be my bridesmaid, so I purchased a different card for each of them which asked the question "Will you be my bridesmaid?" and one for my sister about being my maid of honor.  I was so excited!!!  One of my very good friends, E, lives in Florida, so I called her first and mailed her card afterwards.  I called her and asked if she could take some time off to come for a visit next September.  She started asking why and then stopped...she screamed "oh my God, are you getting married???".  YES! We both could NOT stop laughing.  We talked for a long time because of details and questions and it was great. 

Well, fast forward a few months to the present and we have our first fitting in a few weeks. The girls are getting together for lunch and an appointment at a local bridal salon.  There is talk of shoes and jewelry, makeup and manicure appointments.  Oh, how I love it!!!  I keep fantasizing about the morning of the wedding and how much we are going to sound like a gaggle of geese getting ready, makeup flying, ruffles rustling and giggling. Having my fav girls there will make it the best morning of my life as they join me in the best day of my life (sans the day my son was born of course)!

Picking the girls was probably the easiest decision that I have had to make so far in the wedding process.  Here are two of my girls - my best friend and bridesmaid to the far left and my sister and maid of honor in the middle.  We call this picture the 3 Musketeers!!! Always a Bridesmaid photo 1

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My honey and I have been together 7 months today!  It's funny, but the one thing that no one ever asks us is "and you two are already engaged?"  Everyone congratulates us and seems genuinely happy for us.  We had talked about getting married even before he bought the ring, but did not seriously start planning until my left hand was considerably heavier - LOL!

My mom offered to keep my son over the weekend back at the beginning of August.  Ok, hi, absolutely.  He loves being with grandma anyway, so everyone wins! (:  On Monday, she called me at work and told me that she was going to keep him one more day.  Score!  I e-mailed my honey and he said that we should go out to dinner that night because we are hardly alone with two kids running around the house. 

So that evening, I put on a new dress that I had been dying to wear.  We went to a fabulous restaurant in downtown Middletown, Connecticut by the name of Forbidden City.  It is an Asian fusion place and the food is phenom!  We had our appetizer and main course and talked and laughed throughout the meal.  We both have a great sense of humor and that adds to the love that we have for each other.  I could never be with anyone who couldn't make me laugh.  When I looked at the dessert menu, I had to place a hand over my heart to make sure that it was still beating - they had creme brulee which is my all time fav dessert.  In the middle of dessert, our waiter, placed a flute of champagne in front of my honey and then one in front of me.  It was fizzing and I really didn't look closely at the glass.  I was frozen for a moment like "ok, what is this"???  My honey took my hand and said that he had to ask me something.  You know how when you get your picture taken and the flash is SOOOOO flashy, that your eyes go white and you don't know where you're at?  You do!!!?? Well, that's how I felt when I finally realized that I was going to get my ring!  He got on one knee and said some beautiful stuff.  Now mind you, I didn't hear it that day, but he was kind enough to e-mail me the next day with the words that were spoken.  I was frozen, my mind was blank and I couldn't believe that it was actually happening.  After the luscious "will you marry me" question, and after I said yes, he asked if I wanted to see my ring.  Of course I do, I mean really, is Jem truly outrageous? Does rain fall from the sky?  Do ducks swim?  When he grabbed my glass and pulled the ring out from the bottom, I was stunned.  It was so much more than I could have ever imagined. So, here is it...

The Proposal Sigh photo 1

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My honey proposed to me on August 4, 2008.  Although I knew that he was going to ask me to marry him, it came as a total surprise because I was not sure as to when he was going to ask.  I met him at school.  We are both in the same adult accelerated program and will graduate next spring. Our wedding is scheduled for September 19, 2009 at Real Art Ways (art gallery) in Hartford, Connecticut.  We are excited and he has completely immersed himself into the planning (although not as much as I)!  He especially loves the tastings because he has a bottomless pit stomach and I tell him so at least 3 times per day.  He is the only man that I have ever met that has a bigger chocolate craving than I do and I could eat chocolate EVERYDAY!!!

Our wedding vision is modern and somewhat minimalist.  Our colors are ice blue, black and white.  He has left all of the decorations up to me which is just the way that I like it. (:  We are renting everything which gives me creative control right from the beginning.  We have already booked our photographer, DJ, and venue.  We are in the process of booking our day of coordinator, caterer and cake.  We have two tastings for cakes at the end of October and I can hardly contain myself.  Sugar - YUM!

Can't wait to share ideas with all of you!