Sep 19, 2009

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The ceremony went so fast! We had a prayer at the beginning and a reading, but really just the normal "stuff".  Our JOP was wonderful.  Her face and voice just gave off such a lovely and happy vibe.  She blessed the rings and we had our own vows and for course, I FORGOT mine back at the house! I quickly wrote them back out on a scrap of paper in the limo before we got out. DH put in a joke about always loving my cooking (he LOVES my cooking), but our guests found it very funny. (:

During our kiss, I slipped him the tongue! YAY! (;

Our Big Day The Ceremony photo 1

Our Big Day The Ceremony photo 2

Our Big Day The Ceremony photo 3

Our Big Day The Ceremony photo 4

Our Big Day The Ceremony photo 5

Our Big Day The Ceremony photo 6

Our Big Day The Ceremony photo 7

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When the girls and I walked into the venue, my fears had quieted down some.  I was thinking that I couldn't believe how fast we got to this day...finally! (:

We walked up the stairs so that the girls could get with their partners in preparation for the processional.  Finally, "When I Fall in Love" by Celine Dion (Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack) started and the pairs started their walk down the aisle. When the wedding party finished lining up, my nephews closed the doors to the stage area and the DJ started playing "Come Away with Me" by Norah Jones. When the singing started, the boys opened the door and I started my walk down the aisle.  It was a short aisle so I got there fast, gave my son and dad both a kiss and a hug and took my DH's arm for the walk up the stairs to the stage to start the rest of our lives together.

Here is DH walking down the aisle to his doom with the JOP! LOL!

Our Big Day Part 2 photo 1

DH waiting for his bride:

Our Big Day Part 2 photo 2

DH's parents walking down the aisle:

Our Big Day Part 2 photo 3
My parents walking down the aisle:
Our Big Day Part 2 photo 4
And our bridal party:
Our Big Day Part 2 photo 5
Our Big Day Part 2 photo 6
Our Big Day Part 2 photo 7
Our Big Day Part 2 photo 8
Our Big Day Part 2 photo 9
Instead of "flower girls", I had angels: my niece and stepdaughter:
Our Big Day Part 2 photo 10
And finally, it was time for my dad and son to walk me down the aisle:
Our Big Day Part 2 photo 11
It was an amazing day!
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I was up early on my wedding day and really couldn't get back to sleep because I had too much going through my mind regarding the decorations, etc.  I hung out in bed for a little bit and then it was finally time to start getting ready.  My makeup artist was right on time and started on the bridesmaids' makeup.  I was last and she did a fabulous job.  I had a few hours to kill, but soon the house was filled with little girls and gaggling women - it was great! (:

My photog showed up and took pics of my rings, shoes, dress hanging up, etc.  My girls got ready and left me for last.  My photo captured everyone trying to get me ready which was hysterical because my dress was big, plus I had a very full petticoat on as well. 

All of a sudden, I hear someone yell "your limo is here".  OMG, we were getting close.  After a few more pictures, we started getting everything together and packing it up in the limo.  The trip was short and when I finally realized that I was getting closer, my stomach started doing flip-flops.  I really wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be, but just a little bit.  We waited in the limo until we knew that the men were upstairs and my honey would not catch a glimpse of me.

We chatted with a few guests on the way up and then it was finally time to start...


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The day of the rehearsal went SO fast.  I started off the day with a manicure and running around picking up some last minute stuff.  I got home, picked up DH and my son and on we went to the venue.  Most of our family met us at our house since they did not know the way to the venue.  The actual wedding rehearsal went very fast and were done in about 15 minutes.  Everyone was in great spirits and was wishing us the best of luck.  After the rehearsal, I went to pick up DH's groom's cake which he had no idea about.  Ana Parczyk who also made our wedding cakes, made the groom's cake.  People could not believe that it was not a real hat:

Wedding Rehearsal photo 1

DH and all of his family are avid Yankees fans, but I'm Boston Red Sox all the way baby! (:

The bridal party and our immediate family met us at our house for the rehearsal dinner.  My sister cooked Spanish rice which everyone KILLED and I made baked chicken which was also very popular.  I also made my specialty dessert: Death by Chocolate.

It turned into a dance party. I put on salsa and dance music and almost everyone was on the dance floor which was great. 

Wedding Rehearsal photo 2

DH's brother and my sister (Best Man and Maid of Honor)

Wedding Rehearsal photo 3

My niece and stepdaughter (flower girls)

Wedding Rehearsal photo 4

DH and I on the stage with the JOP rehearsing

Wedding Rehearsal photo 5

My bridesmaids showing their "better" side...LOL!

Wedding Rehearsal photo 6Wedding Rehearsal photo 7Wedding Rehearsal photo 8

We had a great time and were so happy that we got to share that day before our BIG day with family and close friends.

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To actually see my ceremony on paper is crazy and I can't believe that in two days, I will be married...yea.

Here is my ceremony:

Let us pray for _________ and __________ as they make their marriage vows.  Good and gracious God, we pray for this couple who come now to be joined in marriage.  Grant that they may make their vows to each other in the strength of your steadfast love.  May your spirit grant them patience in times of disappointment, and joy in times of celebration.  May they grow in a love for each other that will deepen with the passing years.  We ask your blessings upon them, now and for the years to come. 

Gracious God, we thank you for this new family and for the many things these parents and their children have to share.  May your spirit of peace draw them together and help them to be true friends to one another.  May your love surround them, your care protect them and your blessings be upon them, now and for the years to come.  Amen.


OFFICIATE:  We are gathered here to join Elba and Christopher in marriage.  It is fitting and appropriate that you, their families and friends, are here to witness and to participate in the wedding, for the ideals, the understanding and the mutual respect which they bring to their marriage have their roots in the love, friendship and guidance that you have given them.

            The commitment of marriage is one of the most important decisions two people will make in their lifetime.  The vows of marriage ask two people to share all life has to offer, the good times and the bad, with patience and understanding with commitment and loyalty, with respect for each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and with a desire to communicate with each other.  There is risk involved for you know not what the future may hold.  But now you will face the world strong with the strength of two, wise with the wisdom of two and brave with the courage of two.

            And so as you stand here in the presence of your family and friends to make your marriage vows, I ask you to remember that no other vows are more sacred than those you are now about to make.  May you bring you true and best selves to your new married life and may your love continue to grow with the passing years.



OFFICIATE   : (to groom) Christopher, will you have this woman to be your wedded wife, to live together in the estate of matrimony?  Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others keep only to her as long as you both shall live?

GROOM: I will.

OFFICIATE: (to bride) Elba, will you have this man to be your wedded husband, to live together in the estate of matrimony?  Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others keep only to him as long as you both shall live?

GROOM: I will.



Why Marriage will be read by Mari Nichols-Haining


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Several weeks ago, my bridemaids and one of my flower girls visited David's Bridal to try on dresses. The bridesmaids found their dresses and we also found one for the flower girls that we really liked.  The flower girl dress was on clearance for $79.99 which we thought was great.  It is white tafetta with pickups like my dress.  We decided to wait a little bit because we thought it was too early to order and BOY are we glad that we waited.  We found out today that the dress is down to $39.99.  I called, put the sizes on hold and will be picking them up after work today.  We are so happy because the dresses are gorgeous.  Here is my niece, Sage, trying to hold up the dress OR perhaps feeling herself up...LOL! She is tiny as all hell.  My sister and I also decided that we are going to have the girls wear the ring of flowers in their hair...very angelic looking!

My Flower Girls photo 1