May 17, 2014

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I have never been a big dress person. I like them for special occasions mostly and thats it. For some reason though, I am loving trying on different wedding gowns. I have narrowed my choices down to three affordable and still beautiful options that I like a lot. They are all from Davids Bridal, and all are $500 and under at least for the time being, because they are on sale. So here are the contenders....


My Dress Picks Can t Choose photo 1  My Dress Picks Can t Choose photo 2  My Dress Picks Can t Choose photo 3


I'll add pictures of me in each dress after my next dress trip.

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I saw these invitations randomly one day surfing the internet and I fell in love with their unique look. I decided that I was going to recreate this for my wedding invitations. I just call them Round Box Invites...and I think they are so special. The inspiration pics are just more basic and weren't glitzy enough for my taste, so of course I added my own twist by glitterizing the boxes in turquoise and adding a cute orange flower with pearl center on top. Im still tweaking the design, the picture are just a mock up but I LOVE THEM!!!


Invitation Inspiration and Mock Up photo 1  Inspiration Pic

   My Re-do... :)





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 I started to notice that despite how much time it feels like we have, we don't have that much time at all to get this wedding in order. My first DIY project was to design my save the dates so that I can get them printed. I used a software that I have on my pc and just made a very basic design. I didn't want it to be too much going on. I sent them off to vistaprint to be printed as magnets, I am so excited and can not wait to get them back!


My Save The Dates Ordered photo 1

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Ok, so we finally settled on the wedding date and booked our venue. We are getting married in East Point, GA at the H.J.C. Bowden Multipurpose Facility. This is a beautiful venue that was actually built for senior citizens only, but is rented out on the weekends for events. I am in love with the building and for $900 plus a refundable $325 deposit I get the entire building from 8am until 12am or 1am...I forget. Here is the venue...The Wedding April 5th 2014 photo 1

The Wedding April 5th 2014 photo 2

The Wedding April 5th 2014 photo 3

The Wedding April 5th 2014 photo 4

The Wedding April 5th 2014 photo 5

The Wedding April 5th 2014 photo 6

The Wedding April 5th 2014 photo 7


The photos show the main room with all the windows, as well as the lobby area where cocktail hour will be and the places off to the side where I may have the photobooth set up, as well as a bar.



The color scheme for my wedding has changed about fifty times, only to end up with the colors I had chosen originally. My colors are Orange and Turquoise or in more fancy wedding terms Tangerine and Aqua :)

I look forward to putting together an amazing wedding and can not wait until the day comes to walk down the aisle with the love of my life!

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It was December 2004, I think I was getting ready to go and visit my BFF at her college for a week, and so I was doing laundry. I remember I kept seeing a guy walking to and from the laundromat in our neighborhood, but I didn;t really pay him much attention at first. After a while I noticed he was done with his clothes but just kept walking past(so cute), finally he came up to me as I was walking home.

(FH says I have this backwards and that I kept "watching" him so he decided to come over and talk to me...I think not! Lol)


Anyways, he came over and we talked and I think I was so mad because my hair looked terrible and I was in some raggedy clothes...but still we exchanged numbers. it wasn't until about three weeks later that I remembered I had his number and I called him. His sister answered...turns out he had told me his name was "Mandrell" and given me his sisters number. I almost was offended before she told me he didn't have a phone yet because he'd just moved up here, lol and Mandrell is his middle name.


We finally talked, and I swear I knew from that moment after our first conversation that he was the one for me. We were sort of inseperable after that, and things moved fast too. Our first son came November 10th 2005 :)


We got engaged after that, but things got in the way such as another baby boy on March 18th 2007, silly breakups, makeups, unemployment, simply things that come with LIFE. So the wedding never happened. We finally got ourselves together and are happier than ever, and just had our beautiful princess on February 25, 2013.


Speaking of February 2013...on the 2nd of February is the day he proposed to me. This time he did it right, and it felt right. We were having my baby shower so the entire family and all our friends were at our house. I had been having a wonderful day eating, playing games,eating...and eating lol. Finally after I had opened all of my gifts in he strolls with this dumb smile on his face. He announced to the room that I had one more gift. I still was clueless (i blame the hormones). He took out the box and dropped down to his knee and started the proposal speech and my tears started. I was genuinely so surprised and I couldn't believe he had got me! But he did, and now we are officially engaged and planning our 2014 wedding.


How We Met and The Proposal photo 1


How We Met and The Proposal photo 2

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All About Moi photo 1 Hi Everyone :)

Well where to start? My name is Dannyeisha Denise...(Dan-ee-sha) lol, silent Y. Funny thing, the nurse who filled out my birth certificate added the Y on her own because she looked at my dads name, which is Danny...and she thought it made more sense. Well mom never got around to changing it so I was stuck with that good ol' Y in the middle of my name which caused years of mispronunciation of my poor name. I grew to accept it and even love my name, although now I go by Danni. Danni was given to me by the future in laws when they first met me, and it stuck. :)


I was born in Atlanta, GA where I still live today. My birthday is August 13, and yes...Im a great person as all we LEOS are :)


I enjoy everything from singing, crafting and reading to writing, cooking, and simply being with my family. I have what people call a creative soul. I am cheap cheap cheap, and if I see a way to make it then I definitely won't buy it. (FH loves that trait)


I am mommy to three gorgeous kids, Kendrick Jr. is the oldest, then its my little man Khaelob...and FINALLY my beautiful princess Karsyn. I also am fiance to my babe Kendrick Sr. I have the best family in the world, who could ask for more??

All About Moi photo 2

All About Moi photo 3