May 17, 2014

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Hi PW friends :)  So I have been gone for a little bit. I had a two week break from school as well as we went on a much needed family vacation. We went to Myrtle Beach, SC. Surprisingly to most people I tell, i have never been to SC...even though I live in Georgia. Im not a big traveler because I hate long rides. But this one was ok, about 6 hours.

We had a ball! This was actually the first beach vacation we had taken as a whole family. My boys love the beach. and my baby girl did too. Karsyn decided she loved it so much she had to taste a hand full of sand, lol. We stayed for three nights in a nice resort. To save money we all stayed in one big room, I think including the kids it was 11 of us :/. But all in all it wasnt crowded and we had a wonderful time. Here are the pics....


Family Vacation 2013 Myrtle Beach photo 1 Family Vacation 2013 Myrtle Beach photo 2

Family Vacation 2013 Myrtle Beach photo 3 Family Vacation 2013 Myrtle Beach photo 4


More pictures to come...



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Hi guys, just found out that I won a bridal party package from Mary Kay through Davids Bridal :) I never win anything so this was a welcomed surprise. I won a pampering party which includes goody bags, facials, makeup sessions, etc for me and 6 of my friends. Of course I know they do these parties to encourage sales of their products, but Im just excited to be able to have this for my girls. Im gonna grab some wine, a few finger foods, add music and it'll be a fun time. Can't wait!!!!

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I have never been a huge flower person, so I have decided not to have many if any in the wedding. My wedding party will be carrying smaller versions of my bridal bouoquet, which will be made completely out of glass pearls and wire. The handles will be wrapped in ribbon and decorated with a pretty broach. The inspiration pics are below. I have already started making mine...Yay! The guys will be wearing small pearl and leaf or pearl with a single flower...or all pearl bout.


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I have been thinking long and hard about how I want my hair for the wedding. Apart of me wants a cute hairstyle with a side braid going around the back and flowing into curls once it gets to the other side, and bangs...not high school bangs, but feathered sideswept bangs. I cant find a picture of exactly what I am talking about, anyways...the other part of me wants a sleek bun. I guess it depends on the dress I choose, but here are my inspiration pics.

My Wedding Hair Inspirations photo 1  My Wedding Hair Inspirations photo 2 My Wedding Hair Inspirations photo 3 My Wedding Hair Inspirations photo 4

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The guys in my wedding party will be wearing tan suits. Im not sure about jackets yet or maybe vests only with ties. They also will be wearing orange chuck taylors depending on if we can find them in everyones size. My ringbearer will have on a tan suit with vest and a cute hat and my bride announcer boy will have on a similar outfit except maybe with suspenders and a bow yie with no hat. Not exactly sure yet but here are a few inspiration pics.

The Men Their Attire Inspiration photo 1

The Men Their Attire Inspiration photo 2 The Men Their Attire Inspiration photo 3The Men Their Attire Inspiration photo 4

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 Im still not sure whether I want the girls in orange or turquoise yet. I guess it will depend on how it looks on them and the color against their skin tones. I have chosen the style dress I want them to have though....Its a two tone hi low infinity/convertible dress from ETSY. I havent settled on the colors yet.


UPDATE: The colors of the dress will be champagne/khaki/tan for the top and turquoise bottoms. My MOH will be the only one with an orange bottom. Although I may switch that up, not sure yet. The dress will liik just like this, except it will be two toned...