May 22, 2010

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The Proposal photo 1

Meet Kuro, one of four of the couple's beloved cats.  He started out as the bride-to-be's favorite cat, demoted to her worst enemy, and then held reign among the felines to have a love-hate relationship with Tammi.  He has a constant habit that comes naturally to him like the oxygen habit humans have: waits by the door when he hears someone come home.

Banking on Kuro's habit, the groom-to-be made reservations for the couple's 3 year anniversary.  He planned a romantic surprise by making dinner reservations to the restaurant where they went on their second date - The Studio at the Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach.  Unfortunately for Chris, the unsuspecting bride-to-be had two trials the next day to prepare for.  Hence, she wasn't 100% into the celebrating and wanted to focus on her work.  Regardless, she figured dinner wouldn't take too long.

Before Tammi and Chris headed out to dinner, though, Chris, in all his nervousness, was attempting stealth by placing the ring where he intended Tammi to find it.  This involved locking up the cats in a room.  This would've gone smoothly had Tammi just headed out to the car without going back into the house.  However, she needed to have her phone charged while the couple went out to dinner so she headed back in to hook her phone up to the charger...and noticed the cats were locked in!

"Chris!  Open the door and let the cats out!  Why are they being locked up?  You never lock them up!" 

Just so she didn't suspect anything, Chris freed the felines.

During dinner, Chris fretted over the ring because the cats were roaming freely around the house.  The Proposal photo 2  Meanwhile, Tammi was finally able to relax over a glass of wine but wondered why the entire staff at the Montage kept wishing her a happy wedding anniversary.  The Proposal photo 3  (Hey! She DID have two trials in the back of her mind!)  Oblivious, she shook off the well wishes as a misunderstanding of her three year dating anniversary with Chris and they headed home.

When the door to the house opened, Chris's favorite cat, Hana-chan, was waiting at the door.  Tammi was delighted and stooped down to pet Hana.  Meanwhile, Chris was freaking out because Kuro was no where in sight.  "Where's Kuro?" Chris demanded, more to himself than to anyone else.

Tammi was puzzled because Hana was there.  "Somewhere in the house probably.  Why are you worried?  Hana's here."  The two went searching for Kuro.  Chris found him and brought him to Tammi.  Tammi turned around and saw Chris on the ground, holding Kuro.  Of course, she was still clueless.

"Pet Kuro!" Chris encouraged.  Tammi proceeded to do just that - she roughly scratched Kuro under the chin and rubbed his head for the next few minutes.  Chris waited in anticipation.  However...

"Ok, that's enough - I need to go work on my trials," Tammi announced.

Panicked, Chris stopped her, "NO!  Pet Kuro some more!"

Puzzled, and still ever so dense and oblivious, Tammi sighed but acquiesced - it WAS their 3 year anniversary after all.  The Proposal photo 4  She started petting Kuro again.  This time, when she scratched underneath his chin, she noticed that Kuro had a blue collar on.

"Huh?  Chris, Kuro has a collar on him." (Note: none of the cats wear collars)

The second Tammi finished this sentence, she saw a sparkly bauble on the collar!

Chris: "Will you marry me?"

It took Tammi a few seconds to realize what was going on and emerge from shock but when she did, Chris received a reverberating "YES!"