May 22, 2010

Katie B - Celebrity & Playboy Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist | Orange County Makeup Artist
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Katie B has done makeup and hair for me since my college years. From the first time she did my makeup for a special occasion back in college, compelling my mom to rave about her to this day, I have been ever since running back to Katie, happily, to doll me up. Her talent and expertise doesn't just begin and end with makeup - she's a phenomenal hair stylist as well! As a matter of fact, I recently purchased her hair extensions and what a wonderful investment it was! I receive numerous numerous compliments every time I wear them. People are stunned and shocked when I tell them it's hair extensions! They look THAT natural. Katie is responsive, knowledgable, and extremely easy to work with. She works extremely hard to make you happy in achieving the look you want. She treats you like a friend, which quite frankly, is awesome because I hate dealing with vendors because the experience can be impersonal. With her numerous years of experience and her experience with doing makeup for celebrities, I trust her COMPLETELY with my face and hair...and I'm an extremely picky person!
Services used: Beauty & Health

kim le photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Skillful, talented, comfortable, creative, sweet, flexible, accommodating...the list can go on as to Kim Le's attributes as a photographer and vendor. Before I was even engaged, I stumbled across Kim Le's work and was immediately impressed. Shortly after my husband proposed, Kim Le was one of the first major vendors I booked! I was not about to let this great catch of a photographer slip through my fingers...and I probably would've lost her as a photographer had I not acted that early because she quickly became booked up for 2010! Before our engagement shoot, I took Kim Le up on a boudoir shoot. I'm so glad I did this because it gave me an idea as to how great Kim is to work with. I was so nervous about the shoot because I was so self conscious about how I looked in the outfits. Moreover, I'm not a model so I of course did not know how to pose! Turns out, my fears were for naught. While clicking away on her camera, Kim Le talked me into a comfort zone while she simultaneously posed me. I ended up having a lot more fun than I anticipated. The engagement shoot was an even bigger blast. Kim Le accommodated my husband and me and shot us at all of the locations we requested. I was worried that my husband would not be comfortable and natural posing in front of a total stranger. Again, my fears were for naught. My husband and I ended up having so much fun with Kim Le and her second shooter! She made both of us feel comfortable in acting silly, serious, and loving all in front of a camera. I LOVE the fact that she regularly updates her blog. There are plenty of photographers out there who update once in a blue moon. In my humble opinion, this is how vendors lose a potential client's interest. More importantly, though, is her professionalism; the girl embodies it! I've befriended a few other photographers on facebook and twitter, and it is such a turn off when these vendors gripe about potential clients they meet. Word to the wise - you really should keep that to yourself. Never put that kind of thing in writing. Kim Le, however, does not do this. She handles all matters in a tactful and professional way. The best part: she captures the moment when she's photographing. Take a visit to her blog and you'll see what I mean. She has the uncanny ability to capture the moment, bringing the viewer back in time as if they are reliving the moment. That's talent!
Services used: Photography