Jul 05, 2014

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Hello world... I am engaged!!! Feels good to officially announce that.

In May, I went to Philadelphia for my brother's graduation. The night of his graduation, May 17, we have a big dinner party for him. In the middle of the party, his friends told everyone to go outside because they had a present for my brother.

While outside my brother made a speech (while he was saying his speech I noticed everyone's cameras was pointing at me...hmm.) Afterward, he handed the attention to my boyfriend. A little nervous he grabbed my hand and said "from the moment I met you I knew..." & that is all I heard. From that moment I got overwhelmed with emotion and tried to hide the fact that I was crying uncontrollably.

My eyes was so covered with tears I had to squint and lean forward to take a good look at my ring before I exclaimed "yes." The crowd roared with cheers. Around me I noticed my mom, dad, uncle and two brothers right next to me. Then the rest of our friends cheering. It may not be the most extravagant proposal but it is definitely my dream proposal come true.

I AM ENGAGED... (I just had to say it again)