Jun 29, 2013

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I fell in love with Erica Koesler, it was the first piece of jewerly I tried on when I first tried my future wedding dress on. It had the vintage look I was in love with and sparkled perfectly.

Bride s Jewerly photo 1Bride s Jewerly photo 2Bride s Jewerly photo 3

Bride s Jewerly photo 4

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Ive always loved purple and have always known that would be my wedding color. When it came to the bridal party I wanted all of there dresses to have more sparkle to it. The color I pick was a royal purple for the bridesmaids and last minute decided to make my maid of honors dress a vintage lavender.

Inspiration: I loved the mix of purples in the bridal party

Maid of Honor Bridesmaids photo 1

Dress shopping

Maid of Honor Bridesmaids photo 2Maid of Honor Bridesmaids photo 3Maid of Honor Bridesmaids photo 4

The Winner-Bill Levoff Sample Dress

Maid of Honor Bridesmaids photo 5Maid of Honor Bridesmaids photo 6Maid of Honor Bridesmaids photo 7

When the dress arrived-Bridesmaids did Royal Purple/Maid of honor Vintage Lavender

Maid of Honor Bridesmaids photo 8Maid of Honor Bridesmaids photo 9

Day Of Wedding! The girls all looked gorgueous, the maid of honors dress matched perfect with the rest. We also added a brooch to the buttom left of each dress to add more bling to them.

Maid of Honor Bridesmaids photo 10Maid of Honor Bridesmaids photo 11

My gift to the bridal party was their day of wedding jewerly and brooch that was added to the dress. I added thank you letters and was truly happy to have each of them be apart of this amazing day. I got them all matching earrings and bracelets.

Maid of Honor Bridesmaids photo 12 


Maid of Honor Bridesmaids photo 13

Earrings: the pair of the left, placed them in a silver gift box.

Maid of Honor Bridesmaids photo 14

Brooch:I had three different brooch styles, I used the two styles on the left in the picture below. Each of these was placed on the buttom left of the dress right were the dress hits the knees.

Maid of Honor Bridesmaids photo 15

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I fell in love with a cake I found on PW when I first began the wedding process, so when we started cake tasting we both assumed this would be a breeze. Until we got quoted $4000 for the wedding cake we wanted! (Jen's cake and a pieace of cake bakery, both from San Jose, CA) Than I went to The Cakery in Burlingame and Maria the manager there was amazing! She took the design I wanted, talk to the design baker and came back to me with a sketch. She also brought the price down to less that half what the other bakeries where quoting me!

The Cake I loved from PW

My Wedding Cake photo 1

The Sketch The Cakery designed for me

My Wedding Cake photo 2

My WEDDING CAKE!!!! The day of my wedding the cake looked even more beautiful than I imagined! I ordered a bling letter P from ebay and crystal ribbon to add to the cake.

My Wedding Cake photo 3

My Wedding Cake photo 4

My Wedding Cake photo 5

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I love the little details that go into a wedding. I had my fingers in everything, I wanted every piece of this wedding to be personalized. With all the little details etsy and PW became my best friend.

I fell in love with this sign, I got this inspiration from a previous PW bride. The frame is from Ikea, it comes in black, I spray painted white and got the sign made by signsbysarah.

 The Little Details photo 1

The Little Details photo 2

The Little Details photo 3

Final Product: Day of the wedding! I had it at the front of the church than later moved to the out side area of my reception

The Little Details photo 4

The Little Details photo 5

I also got a thank you sign made, I had the template made from a shop off of Etsy Fabulousfetes. I wanted to thank everyone right away and I wanted it to be personal. Orginally I wanted to have one on everyones place setting, I later decided just to get one made larger and place it next to the card basket in a white spray painted frame.

My Inspiration:

The Little Details photo 6

The Little Details photo 7

The Little Details photo 8

Day of the wedding!

The Little Details photo 9


Personalized Wine Labels, I was able to add one white and red wine bottle to each table. On Esty Amanda from the shop paper crabb designed my personal wine labels. Gu gone a spray i got from oash made removing the previous label easy.

my inspiration:

The Little Details photo 10

My Template:

The Little Details photo 11

Prepping them (my husband helped)

The Little Details photo 12

The Little Details photo 13

Day of the wedding!

The Little Details photo 14

Personalized Matches and cocktail napkins

During cocktail hour I decided to add a bowl with personalized matches and napkins.

The Little Details photo 15

The Little Details photo 16

Personalized Hanger:Purchased off etsy! Great for pictures with Wedding Dress hanging

I added "I Do" to the buttom of my shoes! Purchased off etsy!

Bride Robe!


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I can honestly say I had the most amazing proposal! The day was amazing, all of our family and friends together in our home. I knew Ali was coming to my parents home to ask my parents for my hand in marriage. I had no idea he would be proposing to me that very same day. Although he was so nervous, he asked and my father accepted! We all had dinner and champagne and just as it seemed the evening was coming to an end, Ali grabbed my hand, brought me to the middle of the living room and got down on one knee!!! I was shocked and had no idea. I couldn't help the sudden surge of emotion, and of course, started to cry. The fact that everyone was there to witness this was priceless. My grandparents, parents, family, and closest friends all there seeing it as it happened!!!! It couldn't have been more perfect!!!!

My Proposal Yes Yes Yes photo 1

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We decided to make Save the Dates, we pick June 29th to have our wedding and began planning our wedding 10 months in advance and knew that in the summer time many close friends and family may start planning summer vacations so this was our way of giving them a heads up on the date. It was a nice touch to add to the process. A key learning though was no matter how much advance notice you give family and friends if they dont want to really come they wont. So the advance notice didnt make a difference with some. We did a magnet option for ours ordering them from Magnetstreet.com