Jul 13, 2013

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The church photo 1 The church photo 2

                       The church photo 3

We will get married in the Church of Saint Lazarus in the city of Larnaka. It was built by byzantine emperor Leo VI in the late 9th century to house the tomb of the Saint.

According to Greek Orthodox tradition, after Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, the saint came to Cyprus and was later consecrated bishop of Kition (the ancient Larnaca)  by Apostles Paul and Barnabas.

During the Arab raids the place of his burial was forgotten. The remains of Lazarus were rediscovered in 890, and briefly enshrined here before they were sent to Constantinople by emperor Leo VI in 901.

It is a beautiful ancient church so will not need much decoration...


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I love brooch bouquets..

Bouquet inspirations photo 1 Bouquet inspirations photo 2

Bouquet inspirations photo 3 Bouquet inspirations photo 4

I am definitely gona try to DIY one…


The DIY so far..

UPDATE #2 (May 2013)

Sill not finished the bridal bouquet BUT the one I will throw is -almost- ready. I made it in my favorite colors of deep fushia, reds and pinks. I did't like the red and pink brooches on the white bouquet so I used those to make the toss bouquet and the bridal will be just white with silvel brooches and some really light pink ones.



UPDATE #3 (June 2013)

The bouquet is ready!



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