Oct 10, 2009

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All of the photographs taken by the incredible Jackie G!

DIY Fabric Flowers! One of my MAJOR labors of love!

Corsages for the ladies in the family                             Boutonnieres for the men

Our Wedding Day photo 1 Our Wedding Day photo 2

And Bouquets for my girls!

Our Wedding Day photo 3                   Our Wedding Day photo 4

Our Wedding Day photo 5

Made from different types of fabric and lace all hand sewn by yours truly and embelished with vintage brooches and buttons and feathers!

Getting ready

Our Wedding Day photo 6 Our Wedding Day photo 7

Our Wedding Day photo 8 Our Wedding Day photo 9

Our Wedding Day photo 10 Our Wedding Day photo 11

 Our Wedding Day photo 12 Our Wedding Day photo 13

The Ladies

Our Wedding Day photo 14  Our Wedding Day photo 15

Our Wedding Day photo 16 Our Wedding Day photo 17

Twin Sisters

Our Wedding Day photo 18 Our Wedding Day photo 19

The Gentlemen

Our Wedding Day photo 20  Our Wedding Day photo 21

Our Wedding Day photo 22 Our Wedding Day photo 23

The Gifts

Our Wedding Day photo 24 Our Wedding Day photo 25 

 Our Wedding Day photo 26 Our Wedding Day photo 27

The First Look

Our Wedding Day photo 28  Our Wedding Day photo 29

Some Portraits

Our Wedding Day photo 30 Our Wedding Day photo 31

Our Wedding Day photo 32 Our Wedding Day photo 33 

Our Family                                  Daddy and Daughter


Our Wedding Day photo 34 Our Wedding Day photo 35

More Portraits

Yeah... This pillow was handmade by my mother      The flower girl dresses were hand smocked by my mother
using pieces of her wedding dress that she hand      onto dupioni silk.  The pictures,though beautiful don't show
made herself.  If it was not from her dress, it was    the incredible detail of the smocking and stiched on pearl  
vintage lace she has collected.  Yeah, she rocks.     beads!  I love you so much mom.

Our Wedding Day photo 36 Our Wedding Day photo 37

The flower girl baskets? hand
and wrapped by my mother's
dear friend Mary. Mary rocks too.

Our Wedding Day photo 38 Our Wedding Day photo 39

The Ceremony Details

Our Wedding Day photo 40 Our Wedding Day photo 41 Our Wedding Day photo 42

Our Wedding Day photo 43 Our Wedding Day photo 44

The Rings

Our Wedding Day photo 45 Our Wedding Day photo 46

The Ceremony

Our Wedding Day photo 47 Our Wedding Day photo 48 Our Wedding Day photo 49

I love this photo.  This is one of those
moments that you know... I'm ready.

Our Wedding Day photo 50

Our Wedding Day photo 51 Our Wedding Day photo 52

Our Wedding Day photo 53 Our Wedding Day photo 54

Parent's Pledge

Our Wedding Day photo 55 Our Wedding Day photo 56

Our Wedding Day photo 57 Our Wedding Day photo 58

Our Wedding Day photo 59 Our Wedding Day photo 60

Post Ceremony Wine Tasting

Our Wedding Day photo 61 Our Wedding Day photo 62


Our Wedding Day photo 63 Our Wedding Day photo 64

Our Wedding Day photo 65


The Reception

Our Wedding Day photo 66

Our Wedding Day photo 67  Our Wedding Day photo 68

Our Wedding Day photo 69  Our Wedding Day photo 70

Our Wedding Day photo 71 Our Wedding Day photo 72 Our Wedding Day photo 73

Our Wedding Day photo 74 Our Wedding Day photo 75

Polaroid Guestbook                                               In Action!

Our Wedding Day photo 76 Our Wedding Day photo 77

Our Wedding Day photo 78 Our Wedding Day photo 79

Our Wedding Day photo 80 Our Wedding Day photo 81 Our Wedding Day photo 82 Our Wedding Day photo 83

Our Wedding Day photo 84 Our Wedding Day photo 85

Our Wedding Day photo 86 Our Wedding Day photo 87

Our Wedding Day photo 88 Our Wedding Day photo 89

Our Wedding Day photo 90 Our Wedding Day photo 91

This is what happens when your wedding is at a
winery... what was I thinking?

Our Wedding Day photo 92

The Great Escape ;)

 Our Wedding Day photo 93  Our Wedding Day photo 94


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Taken by the talented Jackie G

Engagement Pictures photo 1    Engagement Pictures photo 2

Engagement Pictures photo 3    Engagement Pictures photo 4

Engagement Pictures photo 5    Engagement Pictures photo 6


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So I had my first shower August 15th and it was beautiful!  My mother and sisters, and by sister I mostly mean my awesome twin sista Amanda, got together and threw me a beautiful shower.  My sister creative a kick a$$ candy buffet table (inspired by Amy Atlas) and my mom created a lovely snack bar complete with a Martha Stewart inspired centerpeice! 

It was beautiful and fun and I loved every minute of it! 

Showered with Love and gifts photo 1 Showered with Love and gifts photo 2
The gift Table (before guests arrived)    The candy bar my sister rocked out!

Showered with Love and gifts photo 3 Showered with Love and gifts photo 4
The fantastic favor table, guests were treated with                    The delctible snack bar!
tasty truffels and chocolate squares.

Showered with Love and gifts photo 5 Showered with Love and gifts photo 6
Me: Grateful, yet uncomfortable with all of the                        Totally gratuitous gift shot.
attention :)

I wish I could express to them over and over again how wonderful they all are!

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As far as decor goes I want things to be inviting and casual.  Mason jar containers to hold flowers and candles, hand made table runners, antiques where we can throw them in :) 

Idea from GoingtobeGoff's page:

Honor Table Pic: to honor the love of our parents and grandparents. 

Decorations photo 1

 The image below was taken from Style Me Pretty regarding their newest DIY editor, Whitney, from Darling Dexter.  If you haven't seen her wedding details, I highly recommend a visit to her blog!  I am planning on using these signs to designate different areas at the reception:  "sweet love" for the cakes, "Love of Ages" for the honor table, etc...

darling dexter

The Menu

So instead of having a menu at each and every table setting (and to reduce paper cost) I plan to do something similar to this:

Decorations photo 2

I like that it is laid back and low key... that is my style.  Now, where to place it? 

Table top Decor! 

AKA... Let the collecting begin.

My mother, sister and I have all started collecting vintage glass cake stands (see cake table idea above), milk glass containers of varying shapes and sizes, blue mason jars and random birds for table decor :)  Below are a few of the pieces that I have already come by.  There are a lot more, but I don't want to bore y'all :) 

 Decorations photo 3 Decorations photo 4

Decorations photo 5 Decorations photo 6


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I am, like many of my fellow PWers, a bride on a serious budget.  As such I have decided to DIY as much as I possibly can in order to control cost while having the personalization and charm that so many larger budget weddings have. 

So here is my DIY list, tentatively.  None of which have been completely accomplished, all of which I have ideas for! 

Invitations: Completed and in the MAIL!

Programs:  In Progress

Vintage Hankies for Tears of Joy:  Completed!

Fabric flowers for the bridesmaids’ dresses

Fabric flower for Amanda’s hair

Fabric boutonnieres for groomsmen and close family (different kinds)


Invitation inspiration:                   My version (mock up):

DIY photo 1              DIY photo 2

                                            DIY photo 3


The actual invitation content has not yet been determined, but I like it so far :)

 DIY Brooch!

Handmade Brooch in lieu of a corsage for the MOB and MOG and the Grandmothers and Close female family members.  I will be making around 8 or so :)

DIY photo 4

 Completed Projects:

Signage for the wedding day:  Bid the Bride and Groom Farewell, In case you should shed a tear, Sweet Memories, Polaroid Guestbook

DIY photo 5  DIY photo 6

Ceremony Reserved Seat Signs and the Cards for the Bride and Groom sign for the Birdcage!

DIY photo 7  DIY photo 8

Sparklers, seperated into threes placed through cardstock slips and into cellophane bags, presented in a vintage tool box:

DIY photo 9  DIY photo 10

Reserved Table signs.  (no seating chart at this reception)

DIY photo 11

My mother's incredible friend made my flowergirl's baskets with smocking and hand pearled details and also my garter from vintage lace and beads!  She basically rocks!

DIY photo 12  DIY photo 13

More projects coming soon! 

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My Lady's Dresses! I am letting them choose their own shoe, I just put that one in as an example of the color I would like them to purchase :)
The Maids and Men photo 1

I am going to DIY either a hair flower for each or a brooch.  Here are pics of the inspirational flower brooches/pins:

The Maids and Men photo 2   The Maids and Men photo 3

However, I might opt for a smaller version and make it into a hair accessory!  I think it needs feathers...


So I was stumped about how to dress the fellas for the beg day.  So naturally I took it to my fell PWers and they helped me out yet again! 

I think we have determined to go with Taupe suits (not tuxedos) for the men.  It is an outside, more casual affair and I don't want them to be uncomfortable :)  I am so not in touch with men's ware, I didn't know you could rent a suit!  (without all the tux stuff) Hey I grew up with four sisters!  What can I say?

Here it is

The Maids and Men photo 4The Maids and Men photo 5

Not sure about the shirts and ties yet.. I will get back to you on that!

Boutonniere inspiration!! 

  The Maids and Men photo 6   The Maids and Men photo 7

My first boutonniere trial:

The Maids and Men photo 8

The lighting is horrible, but you get the idea.  I am thinking about aubergine millinery leaves instead of the brown and the aqua... still up in the air :)