Nov 07, 2009

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Prices are negotiable, please make an offer! After 6 months I'm more than ready to get rid of this stuff!

Red marbles. Used in half of the centerpieces with candles. There's 18 small bags worth.


FOR SALE photo 1

 Glass Cylinders. 1 tall, 2 med, 4 small, 2 taper candle holders. Ivory floating candles and tapers included.


FOR SALE photo 2

Victoria's Secret Bride Hoodie - Size Medium. This is the short-sleeved version selling for $50-70 on ebay.


FOR SALE photo 3

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I think this is the design we picked... LOL. Ours will have red ribbon at the base of each tier. I'm looking for some sort of decorative button to go on the ribbon.

Mmm cake photo 1

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Hotel Deca in Seattle. It's a newly renovated art deco hotel with a kickin' ballroom. : )The ceremony reception photo 1

This is where the cocktail hour will be held while they flip the room:

The ceremony reception photo 2

We're doing a candle lighting, here's my inspiration. Lots of floaters.

The ceremony reception photo 3

The color inspiration for the reception:

The ceremony reception photo 4

The linens will be in the espresso color, here are our centerpieces: half will have flowers, the other half will have candles with red marble thingies.

The ceremony reception photo 5

Card cage from

The ceremony reception photo 6

Flutes! I heart them. From Anthropologie for $12!

The ceremony reception photo 7

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I'm so in love with my dress. I'd been looking for months prior to being engaged so I knew exactly what I wanted. I tried on 3 dresses total, this was the second one. It was definitely love at first sight. : ) It's a San Patrick Leodora.

My attire photo 1

My shoes! Pair 1: Coldwater Creek, old lady special! : D

My attire photo 2

Pair 2 when pair 1 get too uncomfortable: Steve Maddens

 My attire photo 3

My bracelet, courtesy of summerbride! I'm in love. With the bracelet, not her. LOL!

My attire photo 4

Hair flower:

My attire photo 5


My attire photo 6

Wedding ring!

My attire photo 7

My wrap:

My attire photo 8

Hair inspiration 1:

My attire photo 9My attire photo 10

Hair inspiration 2:

 My attire photo 11My attire photo 12

My rehearsal dinner dress by Dessy. I'm making it a knee length and I plan on wearing my wedding shoes with it! Might as well, right?

My attire photo 13

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I pretty much knew when the proposal would be, since I was heavily involved in the ring design and knew that he had it. He also spilled the beans that the party we were hosting before Christmas would be when we would announce our engagement (he's not one for secrets : ) ).

He suggested that we go check out this garden that is lit up for the holidays and I knew this would be it!! We were walking around and he stopped, got down on one knee and asked me. It was so sweet.Proposal photo 1

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We have a strange history...we both lived in Montreal until we were about 8, then our dad's jobs move us out to Seattle. Our moms started working together and became good friends. We went to school together but weren't friends, we held two jobs together. We finally got together when we stopped working at the same place! We both wonder why we didn't start earlier! Haha...

About us photo 1